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  1. I'm game to try that but then can I go back to stable? Not too keen on anything alpha or beta. Plus the guy above, iWarren, said it did not work for him. I'm FF 42.0
  2. I was informed in the post below that the slow start issue has been resolved http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19015-eis-v11-issues-suggestions-christmas-wish-list/ I has not for me. EIS v11.0.0.5911 is what I have and I still find it slow (22 seconds). Turning off protection gives me instant FF
  3. I was going to post something about FF being slow but you are on it.
  4. It's my guess too but that is trial and error.
  5. I just renewed to EIS from OA&EAM I read the instructions for upgrade from EAM to EIS. Uninstall EAM and download EIS and run. Do I also uninstall OA before installing EIS or is there something automatic to catch all. I always like to know the proper way instead of learning by trial and error.
  6. In EAM I turned on PUP alerts just to see how it operates. I mainly see it kick in when an ad wants to display or so it seems. It's almost like a free adblocker. For my own knowledge, how do you determine the domains of these PUP guys. If anyone else reads this give it a try.
  7. Another vote for OA. Don't mind alerts. it tells me something is going on. Even the ones that just say it has installed new signatures.
  8. Test it here https://github.com/adamcaudill/Psychson
  9. Since this is such a "biggie" and an exploit code example has been released by the people who discovered this, maybe it would be a good idea to test the code and set people's mind to rest.
  10. I've been offered the exchange program to EIS then I read: http://blog.emsisoft.com/2014/09/19/whats-the-point-of-having-a-firewall/ So I would lose the HIPS part which is really why I bought OA. It reminded me of Sygate I used in the XP era. I am not convinced I should change. Is there any other material I could read to understand the differences. One convincing argument would be that OA is on the road to being retired.
  11. This may or may not be related but during the application of Windows Update KB2972216 I had a funny (funny weird not funny ha ha) alert from OA from a funny process. I blocked while I studied and it kept coming up so it must have been the MS update which was occuring then. Allowing it allowed the update to finally succeed. Update history shows it failed twice. I twice blocked. The process and name were v4.0.30319 dated 1899-12-30 MD5 1b95e2fb7d7be30765ba575319ae06e0 Nothing found in EMSI knowledgebase Forgot to mention this occured on sept 11 so it is close to the original poster's update date.
  12. Another way of finding programs executing is to use the task manager. Right click bar on the bottom of win and select task manager. Right clicking on any task in processses and select properties tells you the location of the file. They must me in there. Then do what is said above to delete.
  13. You are not going to like this answer but pings are a normal part of the Internet and healthy. There is no harm in pings.
  14. In this thread: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15208-oasrv-running-at-50-cpu/ I went through to same thing with lots of DNS names that I deleted. I ended up doing a fresh re-install and it's normal now
  15. Ah Fabian remember me with the same type of problem. Does the "fix" for this make it's way into the automatic product update. BTW JeremyNicoll, I reinstalled my product and my problem went away. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15208-oasrv-running-at-50-cpu/
  16. For now all is good The CPU meter hardly goes up while on the Internet. Will keep my eyes open. I realise I will have to "accept" all that I did before but I was aware of this when I uninstalled.
  17. Makes sense. So are you saying I should reboot more often. I presume these rules should be cleaned on reboot. Guessing they are not
  18. You had mentioned "static packet rules is too high on your system". I see an accumulation of rules in the program tab but these are for programs I installed and batch files I created. All this is at the application level. I presume that once a program is cleared to run then packet rules out/in are at some IP level. OA is busy scanning something which must be certain IP traffic. HTTP yes. Not FTP. Not Streaming. I have not and will not import whatever it is you say. It is not clear what you are saying. I see no import/export. I presume you mean backup and restore in the options menu of OA. You did not answer this in my previous post. These were saved as OA files. I still have them. After I had done this backup/restore in my previous post I noticed that it had to re-learn some program rules. It was now asking about some basic Microsoft DLLs. That is when I decided to uninstall and start over. Exactly what are these rules we are talking about. Can I see them?
  19. I uninstalled and reinstalled. What could I lose? System seems to respond correctly. We will see. I'm disappointed that support was a bit poor to non-existant for this problem.
  20. I presume you mean backup and restore in the options menu of OA. Did this and the problems still occurs. After a restore my network icon showed no Internet connectivity. I could not ping yahoo.com. But I could access my local router so it was just Internet. I stopped OA and restarted it. But the problem persists. I even did a full restart of Win7. I did backup a few times just to see files sizes.
  21. OK will try that and get back. But even before starting that PC here is something I noticed before my first post here. When I looked at the domain list there was a whole lot (and I mean lots) of reverse domain entries like nn.nn.nn.nn.in-addr.arpa that were labelled trusted. I found that odd and wondered why. So I deleted them figuring that was it. But it was not. Your reply almost suggests that whatever file these are contained in has not been compressed and export/import will do that. I started to see this "problem" after running my web statistics program which does RDNS to resolve domains. Hmmm
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