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  1. Ahh, thank you. Appreicate your reply. I have renewed thru CloudEight, so it's all good.
  2. Ah, I would have to re-set my exclusions, right? Anything else that would keep one from doing the switch?
  3. So what would be the downside to that? I would get a new license, right?
  4. Thanks. Thought I saw that renewal for existing subscribers. Ah, well, nice thought anyway.
  5. I'm not sure if I got the auto-update to 9. The icon has changed, tho. How do I check which version I am running? And, how do I get to the$9.95 renewal option? When I click on "renew" within the program it doesn't go to that option. Does that include Hi-jack free as well? TIA, Leslie
  6. Ahhh, thanks so much. Those sites you use are great. I'm going to bookmark them. I sure do appreciate you answering so quickly. Mystery solved.
  7. I had Emsisoft block a site that I thought was bad, but now cannot access the site. Is there a way I can unblock a site? And if so, how do I figure out which one I need to unblock if I need to click to get to another page? I can get the main site, but no further. I click on something I need to download, and get this message: Firefox can't find the server at www2.psp-land.nl. Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of www.example.com If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or n
  8. I use Windows Firewall. Oh, WinPatrol is under the creator's name, BillP Studios. Scrren Shots Attached.
  9. Sorry about that. Oh, should I just keep disabling SAS? Forgot to ask.
  10. Here are the screenshots. Thanks for checking!
  11. Ok, thanks so much. I hope I did the settings correctly. Otherwise my computer is going to get the heebie~jeebies!
  12. Ok, I think I've gotten it correct now. Thank you! I just turned off/disabled SAS for the time being. I hate to uninstall it as I have a lifetime license. Or can you tell me how and what files to exclude? Which do you think is better?
  13. I am clueless~~is it possible for you to give me some screen shots? I am trying to find the things of which you are speaking, but really having a hard time of it. Sorry to be so dense, but I want to do this correctly. Thank you ever so much.
  14. I have a question about all these services, too. I have MSE, SuperAnti Spyware Prof, and WinPatrol. My Captain Optimizer just expired. Do I need any of these to run in addition to my Emisoft? My computer seems to have slowed down a bit. Thanks for your help.
  15. My computer is running faster as well. I have forgotten to clear the cache for a while. Thanks again for your time and help.
  16. All is good. Thanks again. Btw, you didn't tell me what the other stuff that was removed. Just curious. Leslie
  17. I did as you suggested. I then ran a quick scan and the Trace File wasn't there. Looks like you have fixed the issue. Would you explain to me what the other stuff was that was also removed? Thank you so much for your fast reply. Much appreciated! Trying to figure out how to attach the log. I am in extra options. I browsed and found the file, but it didn't upload. Don't know what I did wrong. So, I hope it's ok that I copied and pasted the log instead. All processes killed ========== OTL ========== 64bit-Registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\\
  18. Hi, All I'm brand new to the software. I just finished my first ever scan, and Emsisoft couldn't remove this. I followed the instructions, and am attaching the results. Btw, how bad is this thing? TIA, Leslie
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