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  1. I sure wouldn't know what's going on with this program, but it's working again now as far as I can tell.
  2. Everything has been working fine until this error greeted me this morning when I woke my computer up. I looked in that folder you link to above but the only reports in there are from 4/19. I filled out this window and sent it. I opened Emsisoft and there are no errors showing, everything seems to be intact, but it doesn't appear to stay open when I close the window because it does not appear in my taskbar notification area. I'm going to restart now to see what happens and will get back to this after. P.S. I'm back. I didn't have to restart. I opened Emsisoft and hit the Update button to see what would happen. It was up to date and then it appeared in my notification area so I'm going to assume it's running. Would sure like to get this problem fixed once and for all. I left that CrashDumps on my computer so why did it not create a file to go along with this supposed glitch?
  3. Where do I find this crash dumps folder?
  4. I'll keep the dump enabling. I changed my link to this forum as per GT500, but still get the same thing. I guess it's no big deal. I just click the back button and I'm logged in and ready to go, but here's the page that opens.
  5. Dell monkeyed around with my security programs when they were trying to get their Support Assist program to work. I'd bet that's where things got started. What about your instructions to download, run, enable automatic application crash dumps. I did that. Do I need to do something to reverse it? To get rid of FRST do I just delete it?
  6. Happy to report that Emsisoft started with Windows. Attaching that Fixlog. When I sign in here I always get an error page that says "Oops! Something went wrong." All I have to do is hit the back arrow and then I'm on the post page and signed in. Just wondering why that happens. And, btw, thanks for your help! And, thanks also to the other posters who offered advice and help. Fixlog.txt
  7. Sorry but I'm confused. How can I "download" that file above (fixlist.txt) and save it to my desktop? When I click on your link there is no actual file. It just opens to a white page with this on it: HKLM\...\StartupApproved\Run: => "Emsisoft Anti-Malware" Reboot:
  8. I'm going to try FRST again. I think I forgot to run it as administrator and I assume that makes a difference. Ok, here are the files GT500 asked for. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. It kept stopping and every time it did, it stopped everything else too. I was trying to place cards while waiting for it to finish. After it came out of the last freeze I opened task manager and ended the process. Will wait for further instructions. Could the file I downloaded have been corrupted?
  10. I'm starting to wonder about this FRST scan. It said it would take between 1-5 minutes. Mine has been running a good 20 minutes and still going. There is no text at all above that green bar. I think something has gone wrong here.
  11. Here's what Taskmanager looks like after I restart EAM manually. But right after reboot, before I started manually, the only thing in there was the a2service.exe.
  12. The only thing running is a2service.exe. I ran the file: enable_mini_crash_dumps.reg After rebooting (above) EAM was not running. I looked under C/Users/Public/Crash Dumps and there is nothing in there referring to a2.
  13. I have Windows 10. I don't know if you'd call this a crash situation. EAM runs just fine until I restart/reboot. But when Windows restarts EAM does not. I have shut down my computer with the power button and then restarted with the power button and it makes no difference. EAM does not start after the boot up or reboot. I do not have any other security software; just MNAM and EAM/Windows Firewall. The entries in that event log are so much gibberish to me.
  14. First of all, I did not receive email notification of your March 11 post, so I don't know what the problem is there. I'm being continuously left without protection because every time a restart is necessary, Emsisoft does not automatically run after reboot and I changed my settings on Malwarebytes so that it would not start with Windows. I changed that setting today so that at least I have some protection when Emsisoft shuts down and I forget to restart it manually. Unless I'm missing something, all I have to do is download the Crash Dump Registry Script. Then do I just open and run it and look for the dump file you indicate above? Do I have to restart so that Emsisoft will shut down before I sent this file to you?
  15. I answered this once but somehow it never registered. I did enter my email address when sending the report and it appeared to send ok. But I have heard nothing. This has been going on for quite a long time now. I'd sure like to get this program fixed so that I can feel it is protecting me.