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  1. Nikilet

    Malware detected but not removed

    So do I just go ahead and quarantine or remove it and then create a new shortcut?
  2. Nikilet

    Malware detected but not removed

    I'm pretty sure this is a shortcut to create a restore point that I have on my desktop. Attached are the files you asked for. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Nikilet

    Malware detected but not removed

    Here is the report. It was found again this evening, of course. scan_190116-191627.txt
  4. Please see attached screenshot. I don't know how to handle this because I get the same pop up if I click on quarantine.
  5. I have done as you instructed. Hopefully this will allow SupportAssist to run. And thanks, also, for the tip about restarting.
  6. I recently got a new desktop. I"m having trouble with the SupportAssist feature. Someone from Dell worked on it by remote and determined it was Mbam and/or Emsisoft. He added permissions to both programs and it worked one time and now it won't again. When it wanted to run yesterday I finally shut down Mbam and Emsisoft and then it completed fine Maybe the Dell tech didn't add the right files to give SA permission so I thought I would check here. This (screenshot) is what was done.
  7. Nikilet

    CLOSED Application.InstallExt (A)

    I think things seem a little smoother tonight and I haven't had any Emsisoft scans with that item. So far, so good.
  8. Nikilet

    CLOSED Application.InstallExt (A)

    Here's the log. Fixlog.txt
  9. I was getting this some time back and don't know how it got solved. Now it's back. Emsisoft scan finds it, I quarantine it and the next time E scans it's back again. Over and over. I just ran EEK and the item in question was not found. But that is probably because I had just finished a scan which found it and quarantined it. scan_181118-225318.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Nikilet

    Security can't connect to service app

    Thank you. Everything seem to be ok since I "enabled all."
  11. Nikilet

    Security can't connect to service app

    This was my fault. Everything is ok now.
  12. Nikilet

    Security can't connect to service app

    Windows 10 Home. I think I figured it out. Dell had me do a selective startup and I forgot to "Enable all" after that was done. If that didn't fix things I'll be back. Thanks for your quick response.
  13. I've gotten this for the past two days now. I tried restarting and it doesn't help. Please help as it would appear I am without protection.
  14. Nikilet

    Can't find scan scheduling area

    Thank you much!🤤
  15. I got a new computer and I was looking for the place to schedule my scans. Can't find it. It looked like the screenshot attached.