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  1. I think this is what you asked for. EmsisoftDiagLog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I filed a previous post under the topic "Emsisoft icon not appearing in my notification area" but after the initial response have heard no more. Now my problem is more serious. Emsisoft does not run on startup and when I open it manually it freezes and affects everything I try to do on my computer. I couldn't even get to sites on the Internet. I restarted and that cleared things so I can use my computer, but according to the notification area, Emsisoft is not running. When I went to "Services App" before restarting, intending to stop and restart the program, it was froze there also and I could make no selections. It appeared that it was running but I couldn't stop it. I am enclosing screenshot of a window that appeared a few days ago on reboot regarding a glitch. Also a screenshot of what appeared when I manually started the program. There was no action when I selected to "Fix" and after that it froze and I had to restart to get rid of the window. I went into the various tabs and all protections seemed to be "ON." I don't know what caused things to become such a mess. Dell worked on my computer by remote access to fix their "Support Assist" app and it seems like it was after that when all this started. Please help.
  3. I answered this awhile back and somehow I see my answer did not get posted. What you suggested above did not work. Emsisoft still acting up. Right now it's frozen again and I can't get it to close down or anything. I got it to work before and it seems like it's ok until I restart. I'm not sure.
  4. I've noticed just recently that the Emsisoft icon does not appear in that notification area. I go to my start menu and click on the program and then it appears. Why doesn't it appear in there all the time like it used to?
  5. I appears I need some more help. I'm doing this on my laptop now and things aren't going as smoothly. Is there a list of process files for Emsisoft that I can look at to exclude them from mbam?
  6. Ok. I took another look and I think I've got it now. Thanks for your response!
  7. I am running mbam and Emsisoft together. I have a lifetime license of mbam. I just renewed my Emsisoft on 2 computers. I have added some files and folders under the exclusions, but where do I go in the Emsisoft program to make "Process Exclusions" for mbam?
  8. I'm a little confused by this update history. It's saying on KB4506991 that I need to restart to finish installing. I restarted just to make sure, but it's still showing the same thing,.
  9. Windows 10 As soon as it was installed Emsisoft was back.
  10. After checking out stapp's instructions I discovered there were updates pending. I installed those and now Emsisoft is in the taskbar where it's supposed to be and everything seems to be ok. Thank you for your help!
  11. GT500 has confirmed that there is a multi-factor authentication so that's solved. Yes, I did full restart. I am wifi. Windows 10, version 1903. David made no suggestions other than connecting remotely, which I guess I should have allowed. I am on a different machine so I went and looked, and yes, there were updates pending. I ran them and Emsisoft is now in my taskbar startup and everything seems to be back to normal. Thank you so much for your help, and thank everyone else also who posted here to help me.
  12. Matt Green, what did David tell you to do?
  13. Thank you for the explanation. I fully understand and happy to comply.
  14. No other security software. I don't know if it started after the latest update, which was a version update. The reason I came across it tonight it that I wanted to check and see when my program expired. That's when I discovered it was not in my taskbar startup programs and would not open. However, just a few minutes ago I tried to open the program again and this time I got a pop up. I will paste it here. P? P.S. Am I going to have to wait for a security code now each time I want to log into the forum, or each time I answer back and forth on a question?
  15. I just chatted with David Biggar about my problem. I was not aware of this chat service you now have. He offered to connect to my computer remotely and I said I would feel better about coming to the forum. He said that the services are all running, yet the program won't open. He also had me run the diagnostic and I have that on my desktop, but according to what he could see there should be no reason for the program to not open. I'm just not real free with allowing people to connect to me remotely. Is there some way this can be handled without that?