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  1. I thot it was set to update automatically. I did just check and there was an update so I installed. Thank you!
  2. I haven't had any more problems so guess I'll just leave things alone for now.
  3. I did manually check for updates a few days ago and it did update.
  4. I had not done this so am doing it right now. Thank you for all your help.
  5. attached screenshot of what I have allowed in mbam. Is this sufficient or should I still add the items you list above?
  6. I did not find a single thing that would apply to this.
  7. This morning I woke up to a window on my screen that stated Emsisoft had to shut down because of a problem. I neglected to take a screenshot of that. It was a white window with red print and it was quite large and had a lot of text inside it. Mbam gave me a listing of what I should have allowed in their program for these to run together. Could you also give me a list of any Emsisoft files that I should allow in mbam?
  8. I disabled the web protection on MBAM. Would you suggest that instead, I should disable the web protection on Emsisoft and turn the MBAM back on?
  9. I run mbam and emsisoft together and have for a long time. I haven't had any serious trouble until after Dell connected remotely to my machine, many times, to fix their Dell Support Assist app. After that I had trouble with both programs, but thought I finally had things running again. Except that now I'm having some problems getting a BSOD on kind of a regular basis. I went to the Windows 10 forum, ran a tool they requested and they advise the problem is with "mwac.sys which belongs to malwarebytes MBAMWebProtection." Another answer in Windows forum stated that although these two programs should run together there could be a conflict and I should uninstall and reinstall both of them. I have also posted on mbam forum about this and ran their tool, but haven't received anything satisfactory at this time. Would someone please advise me exactly which Emsisoft files and folders I should give permissions for in mbam? Maybe that would help the matter. I am attaching the BSOD I get in case that would help. You will not on the page it states they will restart for me after they have collected error info. That restart never goes through. I come back and my computer is just sitting on the Dell logo page and then I have to force a restart and then it's ok until I get the BSOD again. I don't know if the two are connected, but at about the same time this BSOD started, I started having trouble with my WiFi connection. I've already checked, several times, with my ISP and they state it is not on their end. Everything will work just fine and then suddenly I get on and I have no Internet. I'm just wondering if their could possibly be any connection between these two problems.
  10. I sure wouldn't know what's going on with this program, but it's working again now as far as I can tell.
  11. Everything has been working fine until this error greeted me this morning when I woke my computer up. I looked in that folder you link to above but the only reports in there are from 4/19. I filled out this window and sent it. I opened Emsisoft and there are no errors showing, everything seems to be intact, but it doesn't appear to stay open when I close the window because it does not appear in my taskbar notification area. I'm going to restart now to see what happens and will get back to this after. P.S. I'm back. I didn't have to restart. I opened Emsisoft and hit the Update button to see what would happen. It was up to date and then it appeared in my notification area so I'm going to assume it's running. Would sure like to get this problem fixed once and for all. I left that CrashDumps on my computer so why did it not create a file to go along with this supposed glitch?
  12. I'll keep the dump enabling. I changed my link to this forum as per GT500, but still get the same thing. I guess it's no big deal. I just click the back button and I'm logged in and ready to go, but here's the page that opens.
  13. Dell monkeyed around with my security programs when they were trying to get their Support Assist program to work. I'd bet that's where things got started. What about your instructions to download, run, enable automatic application crash dumps. I did that. Do I need to do something to reverse it? To get rid of FRST do I just delete it?
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