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  1. No, evidently OTL using your copy & paste instructions did the trick, the last scan came up clean. Thanks for the help and have a great week-end...
  2. Here it is, there were a few errors while running OTL after reboot, (screen shot attached). but when they cleared OTL finished and created the log file you want to see.
  3. I've gotten 2 Trace registry hits on every scan since I installed EAM 2 days ago. They are Trace Registry hits. When I try to remove or quarantine, EAM starts a small screen showing that it's working, then it stops without any messages, and nothing has changed. So I can't quarantine or remove these two hits, "Trace.Registry.EZ Game Cheats (A)", and "Trace.Registry.Freeze (A)" Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone point me to a solution, I'd like to get rid of these hits asap... TANX...