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  1. Hi, Going to be getting a new computer shortly, how do I transfer my current license from this machine to my new computer. Thanks
  2. Ditto, mine and my wife's laptop keeping asking for restart after each update, started this afternoon.
  3. Thanks Mr. Ott for the quick response and resolution to my problem.
  4. I have 3 computers running Emsisoft, one subscription is down to 34 days. I clicked the "Buy Renewel" tab, when through the motions for extending my subscription, then upon completion, it credited the wrong license. I double checked the license and it was right but that's not the license that got extended. I re-entered the license key, rebooted my computer and tried again, only extending for a year, same problem, credited the same wrong license again. I really like emsisoft but I don't need that big of a subscription for that one key, need the one with only 34 days left renewed. Any ideas to resolve this would be appreciated. Thank You
  5. I removed Emisisoft Antimalware and reinstalled it today, so far, the auto-update/auto-scan functions seem to be working correctly. I can only assume that when the program update from version 7 to 8, something didn't update properly which caused the issue. As of now, considered this problem resolved. Thank You
  6. I'm running version I went back to check the update log files and the last logged auto update was 7/2/2013, didn't release that day also?
  7. Just wanted to add that Scheduled scans is not working either.
  8. Not sure when auto update stopped working but I noticed it last night, manual updating works fine, I think it's only been 2-3 days since it stopped working. Here are the steps I've tried to fix it. 1. Stopped, restarted Auto update. 2. Changed from time to Interval, then back to time. 3. Changed the interval period and start/stop time. 4. Ran scans with Norton, Emsisoft, malwarebytes, and housecall........all clean. None of the above solved the issue, again, manual updating works fine. Running: Win 7 x64 all updates current, I7 960 @ 3.20 GHz, 6 gig ram, GTX 660Ti (No overclocking) Norton Internet Secutiry 2013 Malwarebytes (manual scannner only) Superantispyware (manual scannner only) Thanks for any help you can provide.
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