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  1. Thanks, again, hackerman1, but I am having a problem with mutual exclusions. I just tried following the instructions in the thread How to create a process exclusion in Emsisoft Anti-Malware. In the drop down menu under Type, I first changed it from File to Process, clicked in the white box to bring up the 3 dots, then clicked on those. MSE was not listed. So then I changed it from Process to Folder and clicked on C / Program Files. I found a listing for Microsoft Security Client, but not one for MSE. So then I clicked on C/ Program Files (x86) and found a folder for MSEcache. I wasn't s
  2. Around July 19, 2013, I purchased and installed Emsisoft Anti-Malware. I just read your newsletter about Emsisoft Internet Security Pack which includes the anti-malware program, and which is supposed to be superior in safety for online banking. How do I obtain this software without doubling up on a product I already have? Also, I read a thread about a "process exclusion" between Emsisoft and MSE. Couldn't I just disable MSE? Or even uninstall it? Emsisoft Anti-Malware Win 7 64 bit, Service Pack 1 MSE Security Suite
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