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  1. Thank you very much Lynx, your advices help me a lot. It was very tough to removed it. Thank you again and I wish to you all the best
  2. Nothing.I can't reinstall the Emsisoft A.M. When trying to install the program that's the message
  3. Thanks you Lynx, for your friendly cooperation I'll check all those in a few minutes. Advance systemcare (free edition) had removed already and I don't install again. I'll inform.
  4. Hi every body and excuse for my baddest English. I try to explain with my poor English. After downloading the new updates of Advanced Systemcare (free edition), the Antimalware Emsisoft stop to work properly. Also my other antivirus (Avira), totally block up! Not starting at all. After that my pc (windows xp 3) can't connected to internet and started the auto's reset. I tried to remove the antivirus (both of them- each time) it wasn't possible! Time for Backup... everything ok. But the problem now is that. I fixed the Avira (it was remaining block) (downloading once again and after I select complete remove from it's selection, and after new downloading to install again. (the only way which done, in that time- all others knowning ways no possible to remove the previus installation) Emsisoft antimalware not removed! I tried every possible way. It works, updates ok, but the scanner (deep scan) after 2+ hours it check only 25% of the disc (usally 1 hour to complete the deep scan) (Fragmentation checked already) When I try to reinstall this message appear Messages file *C:/Program Files/Emsisoft Anti-malware/unins000.msg* is missing. Please correct the problem or obtain a new copy of the program The new copy of the program NOT allowed to install (block the old program the new one) P.S. I use both the two programs (Avira free and A-squared free, now Emsisoft-antimalware) about 4 years without any problem. The program Advance systemcare (free edition) about 3 years with no problem until the last time. P.S.2 No virus detected during the previus situation, until this time. The "infected" pc's with the same sympthons count 2 pc's until now. After install those updates, so be carefull. If anyone can help me, I will appreciate.