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  1. r u using torrent to download stuff......if u r using then Emsisoft pop this bcoz when i was using µTorrent software then this pop appear..............and whenever i start a software then always emsisoft pop this ......so if u r using then this is normal
  2. when i used banking mode then whatever page i type in chrome,firefox,ie9 ..no site open .............. i attached the screenshot and also i hve use the tool OTL ..plz check it and tell me if any solution is there..........
  3. thnks for reply... so thnks for clearing me tht emsisoft didn't create this problem. i will contact the firefox regarding this issue
  4. *** ~whole quote removed {Lynx} lyan it is gud tht emsisoft block this malicious website and i also want this tht emsisoft block these types of websites tht r malicious . bcoz when i click hyperlink then these types of sites open but with block of this sites it crash my firefox here is the snapshot tht i hve attached when i open this websites ..like when i open other site this happen. sorry i use this 2.5 mb file but i don't know how to compress this lyan ie8 said this Website blocked by Emsisoft Anti-Malware . there is no crash . lyan also i don't trust these types of sites but mai
  5. *** ~Whole quote was removed {Lynx} i am using window xp sp3, 32 bit system, i am using window firewall, and no ther security software i am using.. the addon in my firefox is IDM java .net framework assistant 1.1. abut the emsisoft antimalware version malware signature 5202092 i am not using the beta version.. firefox version is 3.6.10. no i didn't tried the firefox safe mode the blocked sites is (fe.brandreachsys.com) when i open any webpages then pop cames and firefox crashes a lot of files r there my window is fully updated.. anything i hve to send u for further an
  6. when i surfing the net then the surf field protection from emsisoft blocks suspicious and malicious sites from opening. but doing this it crashes the firefox ,,, whenever a suspicious sites open then it crashes my whole firfox and i hve to restart the firefox again to get into work . i turn off the surf protection and then firefox work perfectly... plz tell me this is a bug or we can get rid of this..... if anybody hve any idea plz tell i shall be very thankful to u
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