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  1. I am getting this problem too i was just going to contact support but read the forums first.
  2. Can i ask should i leave windows firewall turned on or off whith using Emsisoft internet security.
  3. hi will you be putting the online banking feature in EIS 9.Will you also be putting in a firewall monitor like we had in online armor just thought these two things would be nice to have in the suite thank you I am not sure i like the gui will that be changed in the future or is that going to stay the same.
  4. i ran that batch file again and it states that the OANET driver is not installed same as before.I have re installed online armor even with the antimalware disabled about 20 times.Any help would be great.
  5. also when i go to un install online armor i get app crash Network config sample has stopped working.Aplication name tool.pe. just triede installing with antimalware disabled that doesnt work eigher.
  6. ok i had to re install emsisoft and now i face this problem again it just gets stuck on discovering network i have tried re installing online armor but still it dont work.
  7. hello online armor never discovers my network it just gets stuck on discovering network i have tried rebooting the router i tried to re install online armor but to no avail any help please.
  8. hi when i click to chech alerts with emsisoft and total virus i always get directed to this page http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/oa/ instead of the comunity and total virus page any help please.
  9. It gives people peace of mind and some av comapny say its good and some say its a gimmick were dfo emsisoft stand on stealthing ports i wonder.
  10. the new version is much better a lot faster the 8.1 version but i still would like to see you make emsisoft and online armor faster still thanks for your help.
  11. hi i switch to banking mode to go to my bank online but no pages will load in banking mode just says unable to connect to anything what am i doing wrong.
  12. .Also can some answer does surf protection block ads online or do i still need to use ad block plus
  13. yes i did that not sure that its made a difference though also i noticed that a2service.exe uses a lot recourses what does this process actually do . I purchased the internet security package in the end.Also is there any more tweaks i can do to get it to perform a bit better.
  14. Hello let me start by saing i really like emsisoft internet security i have been testing all the big names too see what product i am going to purchase and emsisoft is my favourite.But i have problem it was the slowest out of the 5 i have tested. With other sucurity suites installed my pc boot time are about 5 seconds ona ssd drive but emsisoft it was about 30 seconds on windows 8 x64. Also programs were a lot slower to open with emsisoft im used to apps opening instantly but with emsisoft they didnt it felt sluggish I checked the task manager to see if it was using a load of recourses but the thing is it doesnt it is very light in task manager. The thing i like second in any internet securityty package after protection is the performance and i have to say emsissoft was the slowest i tested on fresh windows instalation pc.I really like your product and want to buy it but is their any way to get it to perform faster should of i have given it longer on my pc.Does it take a while to learn and settle down. Any help or information would be appreciated.
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