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  1. Christian, We are getting a mixture of both, a lot of PCs are freezing and hanging like Brent's issue. Plus some of our clients PCs have just died without notice - restarting straight away (not even displaying a BSOD to the user. I've checked the minidumps for those restarts and the BSOD was caused by a2service.exe. I'm about to advise all of out clients that are experiencing the hanging to disable Quarantine Re-Scan and enable Beta Updates, can you advise if there is a seperate fix for those that are BSOD and restarting? Thanks
  2. Hi Christian, We're having the same issue across a lot of our clients over the last few days. I cannot set Beta updates on all of these PCs - why is the broken update in the updates and the fix not released yet. I shouldn't have to switch to Beta updates to get the fix? Please advise ASAP. Andy Index eBusiness
  3. As a follow up to this, the license seems to have resoved itself over night. I can only imagine the user shut the machine down for the night and when it started back up the license recovered?? We have the machines set on auto update so it is possible that some are on version We have a test setup using servoyant that will alert us to a missing license so I will update this ticket the next time it happens...
  4. We have an ongoing issue at a few client sites where the license on a machine will disappear. We are aware that this is a known issue so In the past we would just reapply the license and carry on but it is becoming increasingly frustrating. One common theme is that the a2settings.ini file renames itself to a2settings.ini.tmp Emsisoft Anti Malware Version: What is causing this and when will this be fixed? If you need me to supply more configuration details then please let me know. Regards Mark Donne
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