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  1. Any suggestions? Can I delete all the programs we've used?
  2. Did the scan. There was no "List Threats" option or "export". When the scan finished, I got a summary screen that said "scanned files 163,873; infected files 0; cleaned files 0; & total time 48.08". The only thing to click was "finish", & when I did that, it went to another screen asking if I wanted to buy, get a trial, delete, or close.
  3. Here's the FSS log. By the way, Windows Update had a bunch of "important" updates, so I did those this morning.
  4. Here's the GMER log. Hopefully, I did it correctly. There was no "Drives/Partition" option--it said quick scan, c:\, d:\--so I checked the c:\.
  5. CD drawer started opening/closing around 10 p.m. & continued for a couple minutes.
  6. Wishful thinking...we didn't hear anything last night, but this morning, the CD drawer was out.
  7. Here are the logs. I made a mistake with the AVZ, though. I thought the log would automatically be there & saved after running the script. So after I restarted the computer & I couldn't find it, I saw that there was the option to save the log under "file". I did a AVZ scan with the default selections & saved that log. Also, you'd mentioned about the Windows backup & HP backups. I was nosing around & found under the Task Manager an hpwuschd2.exe *32 & wmpnetwork.exe. I disabled those 2 items in the "processes" section of Task Manager. I blocked the hpwuschd in Armour & put the wmp network service on "ask" in Armour in case I need it when I use Media Player. After I did that, the CD drawer stopped opening/closing. I don't know if it's coincidence or if that helped solve the problem. The CD drawer often goes quiet after a while & then starts up again, sometimes after a day or 2, just when I think it's finished for good. As for how the computer's doing after the AVZ changes, I haven't really done much, except the FRST scan & replying right now, but it seems ok.
  8. Here's the FRST report. CD drawer went crazy this morning around 7:20. Went on for about 3-5 minutes, then stopped for a bit. Started up again, but not as long. This happened several more times with the time between incidents growing longer, & opening/closing fewer times. It finally stopped a little after 8 a.m. & was quiet until 1:15 p.m. If the cause was a trick program, would you see it in the logs or would it be hidden somewhere else? Thanks again for all you help.
  9. That's been done. Should I do another FRST scan? You said the recoveries might be looking for a CD. But prior to the July backup, everything worked fine. I didn't get error messages when doing the monthly backup or have the CD drawer opening/closing by itself. In the past, when it was time to do the Windows backup, I'd just get a message saying to insert the disk, but the drawer wouldn't automatically open; I'd have to open it myself. I deleted the HP scheduled recoveries yesterday, & the drawer kept going berserk yesterday, last night, & early this morning. It's not even close to the scheduled Windows monthly backup. At the moment, it's quiet. Now what shall I do?
  10. CD drawer going crazy all day. Antimalware scan found something (in attached report). It's now quarantined.
  11. I'm sorry--I'm not sure where to look to delete the items you listed. I found a folder labelled "Tasks" under System32, but the codes are different. I did delete the HP Recovery task & HP Ceement & {7E2E6694-9752-418E-BB07-ED8D2B95B78B} from the "Task Scheduler Library". Here are the other 2 codes listed in the "library": {025C9D3E-0875-436E-87D6-84E9230D26C0} {62117853-A891-4569-8EE6-18F9BA24EB3D} Shall I delete these 2 from the library as well? How do I delete the others you've listed? Can I just delete the folders that you listed? Also, is it ok to just delete the folders under C:\ProgramData that I've previously uninstalled, or will that just mess things up more? Why would Windows Backup or the HP Recovery thing cause the CD drawer to do that? How do I get it to stop? Thanks.