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  1. Yes, I Know. A while ago I was testing Proxy, however I stopped because the internet speed is very slow. Thanks. Daniel
  2. Hello Arthur , Thank you very much, The file was removed with success. At the end of the steps I scanned my pc with Emisoft Anti-Malware where it did not find the file(server.log). Just below is the logs: Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Attached is the log.
  4. Hello, Today scanning my PC with the Emsisoft malware and was detected Trace.File.RewardNet (A), located C:\Windows \system32 \ server.log. The program can not delete or send to Quarantine. In Windows Explorer I can not see the file even enabling the option "show hidden and system files". This may be a false positive? Apparently the file does not exist. I'm currently using Eset Smart Security and Superantispyware and both did not detect.