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  1. O was working on pictures on NOTH last night and I definitely clicked on something bad. Now I have this darned toolbar that has taken over. Going to run a deep scan right now and see if that helps. The worse thing is it no longer shows up in Control panel to uninstall.
  2. Last week I kept getting this Java popup and now it's getting worse. Emsisoft.txt
  3. My son's computer was hacked about a month ago and he asked me for help so since I knew there was a 30 day trial for Emsisoft I sent him the link. I did not realize he did not know what he was doing and paid $39.00 for a key which was never used. The problem is I wrote to Emsisoft at every address I could find and have not heard a thing. I asked them if I could use the key since we replaced his computer with one of our old ones a so he felt he was paying us back. Does anyone know how to talk to a human being there. I get all the updates but have never got an answer from them...Thanks. Had I
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