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  1. Might I suggest that people go into their update settings and enable the Beta updates & then update. this will give them the version and according to your site it is suppose to fix some of the issues we all seems to be having with Eureka logs & pop up saying Emsisoft has stopped working. I just downloaded and will be seeing if this solves my problem. This was a suggestion on a post of mine here on the forum. Been a great program that I have had over a year now and this is the first problem. Many thanks for helping to keep my pc safe.
  2. Thanks for the help Frank H. ........... I have just enabled the Beta Updates & downloaded them. Will give it a couple days and see what happens. I am also doing my hubby's pc and the neighbors too. Will let you know if this solves the problem.
  3. In the past several days my pc, my husband's & my neighbors are all three still getting the message box from Emsisoft Security Center saying "Emsisoft Security Center has stopped working. It then gives me the option to either check online for a solution & close the program or to Close the program. Below that it has a down arrow to "view problem details". Clicking on that gives me EurekaLog Crash Report. The first line says Error: "Version ......... I do have the most current updates and program version, so please, what is causing this problem? Let me know if you need me to send anything and I will do it the next time it appears. By the way, all three computers are running Windows 7, 64 bit
  4. I have done as you said Christian and now I will see if it pops up again or not. If so, I will return to the forum and hopefully have a print screen of it. I would also return to say whether or not it has fixed the problem. thank you
  5. Several times this past week when I have gotten on my pc, there has been a box in the middle of my screen saying that Emsisoft Has Stopped Working. If I click on the "help solutions" nothing comes up. I went to the taskbar and right clicked on my Emsisoft icon and checked the Security Status and it says that it is working. My husbands pc and my neighbors pc are all having the window pop up. I wish I had saved a print screen of the box. Any ideas why this box is showing up? Thank you for your help -- love your product. Gail
  6. OK, I downloaded the trial version of WinZip and got the folder unzipped to my desktop. Then I began following your instructions. However, when I try to run the Combofix /Uninstall , it says it cannot find it. I have attached a picture of the actual message. So now what do I do??
  7. I got CCleaner downloaded, but how do I unzip it?? Years ago I had WinZip, but no longer. Are there still any free ones out there that I could use?
  8. OK. I have run the new EEK scan and have attached the report as you asked. Now what? Thank you
  9. OK .... I have done exactly as you instructed and am now attaching the new log produced by OTL . Should I now run a scan and see if it still finds Trace.Registry or if it will let me quarantine or remove?? Thank you and I look forward to knowing what I should do next.
  10. I ran my scan and it shows my pc is infected with Trace.Registry.SEO Toolbar (A) with 7 registry keys. I am unable to quarantine or delete them. I am attaching the EEK log, the OTL.txt and Extras.txt logs. I look forward to your help with this problem. Many thanks
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