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  1. Hey Arthur, I've already uploaded it here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12999-windows-7-slowed-down-by-emsisoft-anti-malware/#entry93047
  2. Hey Steve, just did a repair today and it's still staying at the welcome screen for like 30 sec (without any anti-virus), so frustrating but thanks for your help man
  3. Just did it, no difference. Well actually I just uninstalled all Emsisoft and 360 stuffs but my laptop is still taking ages to log into windows. How can I find the causes please?
  4. Hi Siketa, I just installed 360 few days ago to kinda use it to test the startup speed, but the slow startup problem has already happened for like a month.
  5. Hi there, https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/5a3bef1d3debc57dc5d4f8f517de0a9f8d32bd5d5d90785e53b0cd4f676a775d/analysis/
  6. Hi Arthur, the 2 files are attached, please check. Thx!
  7. Hi there, yesterday I uninstalled EAM and my laptop startup immediately sped up, however I install it today and the startup speed is snail slow again. I have a software that detected it's Emsisoft Anti Malware's related services and Windows Defender, each taking about 30 secords to load. Please help! Cheers!
  8. Hi, it's weird that the problem exists in Standard Mode When I switched it to Advanced Mode, it "sometimes" connects fine and sometimes keep reconnecting, still wondering why Please what do I need to edit in Advanced Mode in order for it to work?
  9. Standard mode but hey yea I just switched it to Advanced mode and it seems to work now Maybe there's more settings I need to edit?
  10. Hi there, I wonder why my HMA VPN just keeps reconnecting when I use PPTP please? (yet OpenVpn just works fine however OpenVpn is too slow) When I look at my Online Armor's firewall > ports setting, I can see "HMA! Pro VPN > TCP > IN > 1723" I suppose this already allows PPTP to connect but it doesn't Please help. Thx!
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