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  1. Hi bought new PC and went to install my Emsisoft Interenet Security in it and get the above message - I can activate the Free 30 trial version - I have internet connection Thanks Dave
  2. I see you can register all your licenses under a website of Emsisoft products - EXCEPT for Mobil Security - - Am I missing something? Where or how do you register that product along with the other ones
  3. Upgraded from windows 7 now getting message mapping limited for 24 hours - see attachemnt
  4. Ran my Emsisoft and after scan said use forum to help remove file it could not remove Here are my Logs as requested FRST.txt scan_151112-184333.txt Addition.txt
  5. Hi Just curious if someone can answer this question - Does EIS scan incoming emails and outgoing emails for viruses? Just want to make sure there is no special setting to enable EIS to scan incoming emails. I use Thunderbird. Dave
  6. So far very good - I want to say I love Emsisoft forums and the help you provide. Thank you so much - I had another PC at work running vista and I bought EIS and installed it and ran it - When it finds HIGH risk malware is it safe to say that the paid EIS will quaranteen everything and take care of everything or should I do what I did on this post?? Thanks Dave
  7. Here are logs after I ran Fix - Thanks dave a2scan_150610-1335131.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hi I had EIS on this PC, just recently removed it because of trying to clear up BSOD errors - but I will reinstall - here are my 3 logs you requested. THanks a2scan_150610-074244.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Here is the 2 logs again Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Here are my current 3 logs. Thanks Dave a2scan_150608-170125.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Is everything fine and ok -have not heard a reply on my last post???
  12. I ran EIS and had the following file C:\SysPart\Default\Users\David\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Frontier (d 79f\Deleted Items\2B9B5FED-00000147.eml and EIS said free help would help remove this file. I am attaching the 4 files I have saved - Ran Emergency Program, and Farbar plus my attachment of the above file which I saved in a TEXT notebook file Addition.txt a2scan_150605-140718.txt FRST.txt trojanlogfile.txt
  13. Hi I am pretty sure something in EIS is keeping me from getting on the internet using IE11. I say this because all of sudden yesterday or day before everything was fine. Now I can't get on using IE11 - I even uninstalled it back to IE9 - then it was fine! So, I reinstalled IE11 - nothing - I can use Chrome and get on the internet - just not IE11. So then I went and uninstalled EIS - bingo could get on no problem at all. Then i went & reinstalled EIS - now I can't get on again - what setting is preventing IE11 to open?? Any help would be gladly appreciated Dave
  14. It is working now - I uninstalled it again using the control panel. Rebooted - then ran the cleanup tool - found nothing - then reinstalled....Now it is working fine -thanks for all the help EIS Rocks!!
  15. I did a restore on my system because I was getting a Blue Screen from my PC – I had your Emsisoft Malware software on my pc & upgraded to Internet Security. Before the restore – everything worked fine. Now I get a box that pops up and says the following: EMSISOFT PROTECTION A MAJOR PROBLEM HAS PREVENTED THE APPLICATION FROM STARTING. EMSISOFT SECURITY CAN’T CONNECT TO THE SERVICE APPLICATION. PLEASE REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER AND TRY AGAIN OR CONTACT SUPPORT IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS. Well, it is persisting. I actually did an uninstall of Emsisoft – and reinstalled the product. I am still getting the message. Thanks Dave
  16. Hi I upgraded from Emsisoft to EIS - of course being a paranoid pc user I have paid subscriptions of other PC Programs - One being Norton 360 & Malwarebytes Pro - do I need to setup any rules or anything or will everything be fine. I have a lot of faith in Emsisoft but until the other subscriptions run out - I have them all activated. Thanks Dave
  17. Hi First let me say I love your product and new interface - it is awesome. I know some programs have advice to make their product scan their PC faster by disabling things. Is there any suggestions in this for having Emsisoft scan your PC faster ? Just curious... Dave
  18. I notice the definiiton of your program get updated very often - which I think is super....My question is when will you update the software itself..I have had a lot of antivirus programs and programs and at least monthly they come out with software updates - ANY IDEA??
  19. Hi I have Emsisoft Anti Malware 8.1 & Malwarebytes Pro installed on my PC. Those are the only 2 protection programs I have on my PC. My question is: Does Emsisoft scan emails for viruses or not? If not, should I get another program for that? Could you also resend the info on how to make sure the 2 protection programs don't interfere with one another. I think its a whitelist exception rule. Thanks Dave
  20. Hi: I have the Paid Emsisoft Version 8 & Free Avast Antivirus + Malwarebytes Pro. I notice on my Lenovo G780 a noticeable boot up lag with all these running. I am sure they are doing there job - but do I need all of them?? I of course would keep your product but my question is Avast. I know its free but maybe having 3 running can cause problems. Also - when I bought the Emsisoft I got Sticky Password with it - I am running Internet Explorer 10 and notice sometimes passwords don't get filled all the time. Should I use a different browser?? Also, one last question - when I go to www.amazon.com I get logged in. Then when I search for things I have to keep logging back in all the time. I have my cookies set in IE to save all the time and not delete upon exiting. Is there something in Emsisoft or Online Armour I have to edit to correct this - Thanks Dave
  21. Hi I just bought Emsisoft's Anti-Malware. I love it and think it is an awesome program. It came with Online Armor & Sticky Passwords & CyberGhost VPN. I want to make sure I am optimizing the programs full potential. Any recommendation on settings on any of these or just install them and forget it. I was a Norton 360 users and an Kaspersky 3.0 users. I have a Lenovo G780 and I could not get Norton 360 to run on this PC. Kaspersky I didn't care for too much. I see Sticky Password must use the same interface as Kaspersky does on its Password Manager as it looks the same. Any links or helps I would appreciate because I would love to be able explain your knowledge to other users so they could buy your program. Thanks Dave in Wisconsin
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