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  1. Hi Can you adivse if i need to delete anything following quarantining files and also how I quarantine the last of the files please? Thanks Kim
  2. Hi. Please see the 2 files you mention in the run folder attached thanks for your help. Kim
  3. Hi. Looking down the menu on the left, I cannot see logs. I have Security Status Scan PC Quarantine Configuration Yes I really did mean I'm a Complete Novice, sorry Thanks
  4. The software seems to have quarantined most of the items it reported on (700 Odd) but there are a couple left. Have run the reports but not totally sure I understand how to save the reports for you. I think I have attached the quarantine list - am I supposed to delete these files? I cannot see an option to save a copy of the 2 files that it cannot quarantine???? Trace.file.smartengine (A) Trace.file.bestspywarescanner (A) Thanks Complete novice! Kim