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  1. Hi , Thanks for the response , the issue isn't the "plugin container" asking for access.. its the warnings about " keyloggers" ! I went to the Mozilla forums before i came here and i had the following response , quote " Unless your computer is otherwise infected it is a false positive.If Mozilla suddenly took all leave of their senses and planted a keylogger you would not be the first to know . What is the firewall you are using?" end of quote. And to add to the mistery, it happens on some webpages..( as it did here as well ) other times i can browse without popups frm On-line armor.
  2. Hello , Since updating Firefox to 23.0.1 at certain sites i get a pop up asking to allow Plugin Container.exe when i allow it comes a warning about plugin container.exe wanting to run a keylogger. To this stage i only had this happen at a blog i visit daily , but when i logged on here.. same thing happened, allowed Plugin container but "blocked" the "keylogger". For the record all spyware/virus etc scans come up clean.. I did ask @ the Firefox forums, they suggested i come here... Wow.. just now when trying to attach screenshots i had the extra warnings ( plugin 3 & 4 ) Any ideas whats going on..?
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