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  1. Just to let everyone know. Your response. Thank you & I consider this answered. "Hello, technically based there are no overlaps. EAM uses a behaviour blocker and OA uses a HIPS. So you can use all features of both programs simultaneously."
  2. Where is there an official guide by Emsisoft stating the overlaps using both EAM paid & OA free? Thus stopping duplication of efforts. One that details which processes are best to disable & here's how. I believe this guide to be insufficient.
  3. I am running Online Armore free & EAM paid. How should I setup both to use the better of the two for certain tasks and to avoid overlap? I did Here's how to exclude Online Armor in Emsisoft Anti-Malware Here's how to exclude Emsisoft Anti-Malware in Online Armor as outlined: Next I'd like to know if there's any redundancy. Whether OA free or EAM paid handles the tasks better. And how to disable the lesser capable program of those tasks.
  4. Hour later & autoupdated perfectly!
  5. Well I got this email from the Contact Us link. xxxxxx, Thanks for the log. It seems the issue with the updates on one of the servers is fixed now. We're using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and without Fiddler logs we can not determine on what server a file is missing or incomplete. This ticket in our helpdesk will now be closed. Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need help or want to report an issue with our software. Best regards, Rob Retra Customer Support -- Emsisoft GmbH - Mamoosweg 14, 5303 Thalgau, Austria Tel. +49-180-590066-2, Fax. +43-6235-20053 Commercial register: FN238178m, VAT-ID: ATU57263749 So I unistalled my placeholder AV MSE. And installed EAM & again it wouldn't update. So I rebooted, started Fiddler2, made the proxy changes. And for the heck of it I lowered the connections to 1. So now EAM is fully updated. Hope it continues to update. Undid the proxy changes and manually updated AOK. Lets see how automatic updates go. Right now I'm leaving the connections at 1 from the default 5.
  6. I'm having the same or similar EAM updating problem. Got so bad I've temporarily uninstalled EAM. I've PMed a mod here & through the contact us email. I attached a zipped Fiddler Log. No solution so far, very frustrating. I'd like to install EAM again, but it's useless if I can't update.