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  1. Basically you don't have any plans on bringing the AMN even more in interaction with EAM ? It's really active with OA, nothing goes through and if one pass the OA's cloud lookup, Mamutu takes care of it....


    I mean...even adware all all covered by AMN ! and if you take a look at some malware removal forums, you'll see ppl get infected a lot by Adware it would be pretty good to bring up this AMN to check every execution on EAM...But I bet you know better than me.

  2. Hi!


    Take a look at this test on 22 samples pack from me


    http://malwaretips.com/Thread-Malware-Pack-22-fresh-samples--16954?pid=127641#pid127641 (really fast)


    I'm impressed by OA I must say...


    Question is how can it identify something as malicious ? (dangerous) ? Does it look it up throught the Anti Malware Network database ? Cause I checked these files with isthisfilesafe.net and if I remember right all were caught as Malware. 


    Thanks again for all those replies and also to the tester.

  3. Thanks.

    Is it possible to know how many files get whitelisted automatically everyday ? I have correctly understood that any unknown files safe or bad, get a classification by Anti Malware Network depending on many factors (BTW, bad files are classified MUCH faster than white, just because of the similarity which should really be doing great....)

    thanks again.


    Last Q : How long does a detected file need to be added to local DB ? I mean they are TONS of Adware not detected by EAM but all classified as malware by AMN. I'm sure there is something to do here. I had no adware samples not detected by AMN as malware. 

  4. We usually apply rather complex statistical models to unknown files, allowing us to determine whether or not a file is malicious based on many different factors like location on the system, behavior on our client's machines, similarity to existing threads, user feedback, source, and so on.

    And does this also apply for safe files (identified as unknown by the Anti Malware Network) ? Usually, how long does this process take ? thanks.

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