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  1. During tests of Emsisoft Anti Malware, I noticed that some malware behaviors were silently blocked without any kind of popup even with the default settings. I needed to go to the logs to make sure. Is that a normal behavior from EAM (link with EAM Network ?)
  2. Got response : They whitelist by using SHA1 value, it's the more secure way. No problem, I have never got any alerts on safe apps.
  3. Hi, AFAIK, Mamutu uses a whitelist to prevent alert on safe files which is great. Looking at the changelogs, I can see that whitelist is updated many times per week at least. I just would like to know if when you whitelist an unsigned software, then this same software gets updated..Does it become "unknown" ? I ask this because this is what's happening with Comodo, they whitelist unsigned soft with SHA1 value, once app is updated, it becomes unknown again and again .. Of course adding a vendor to TVL is better for Comodo than whitelisting an app that will become unknown few days/week later. Thanks to everyone to reply...
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