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  1. 27 minutes ago, pat562 said:

    Just want to report that everything is running good on the beta, no problems since installing that update.


    That's great news Pat, just wanted to let you all know Emsisoft have the fix out as a 'Stable' release now so if you changed your Update feed to Beta releases you can now set this back to updating to only 'stable' releases to ensure the software does not continue to install any future Beta versions..

    (Load Emsisoft --> Settings --> Updates --> Updates Feed = Stable)


    All the best!

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  2. 10 hours ago, ymchen said:

    The problem was fixed after switch to beta channel , however it takes a couple minutes for the windows logon screen to appear and little bit delay for windows startup too. Any idea to speed up ?

    Hi Ymchen, 

    I believe Emsisoft will be releasing a new 'final' build shortly... The main point of a beta release is to get a fix out quickly and hopefully address the main issue with little to no side effects but often they can be side effects as it's been released so fast and why it's released as a beta (not final release)... which gives users such as yourself the opportunity to report any side effects or associated issues as you have done which Emsisoft will check into...

    Once they have it all sorted they will release a stable build for the masses :-)

    Just give it a day or two as they are generally very good at getting updates like this out as soon as they possibly can and I"m sure they have many members working on getting a stable release out ASAP!

    All the best!

  3. We had a customer with a similar issue and found another thread that offered the solution, not sure if it's related but might be worth a try?






    The following might fix it hopefully:

    • click on the Start button.
    • Go to All Programs.
    • Go to Accessories.
    • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
    • Type in sc delete epp and then press Enter on your keyboard.
    • Restart your computer.
  4. Thanks for the reply stapp, 


    Just contacted the customer and gave this a try, but we get "Access is denied" to end that process...


    On a side note, they were able to get the GUI displaying for a very short time this morning as Emsisoft downloaded and installed a new product version which is requested a reboot... before this was done the customer was able to get the GUI loaded and it reported in orange your system is potentially unprotected due to the pending restart required (so does sound like all was working ok)... however since the reboot they are back to the same issue with the missing GUI which is really odd as it's all been working rather great until yesterday they report... Main thing is they are still 100% protected in that if I load a false positive to the system the notification bar does report about the file and blocks/cleans it..etc.. so not critical as it's only one a single workstation at this time but would like to help them get it sorted.

  5. Hi Emsisoft,


    One of our customers seems to be missing the Emsisoft GUI, We've tried to help them bring it back on screen but have not succeeded as yet.


    They are running Windows 7 64bit with Emsisoft 9 all with the latest updates.


    When we double click on the Emsisoft icon from the Windows notification area we can see that Emsisoft is then displayed on the Windows task bar meaning it's loaded the GUI however it can't be seen... I believe it might simply be loaded off screen perhaps? 


    If we hover our mouse over the Emsisoft task bar icon to try and get access to the "Move" action this unfortunately is not available (Minimise, Restore and Close are the only options all of which do seem to work/toggle just fine).


    If I right click in the notifications tray and force an Update, I can see the thumbnail in Windows 7 update to show the GUI is performing an update and a few seconds later we see a notification about it completing successfully so all seems to be working 100% except the GUI not being on screen.


    We have also tried using the default Windows 7 short-cut keys to move and/or maximise the window such as (WINDOWS KEY + Arrows) but Emsisoft currently does not seem to respond to these short-cuts (I've also confirmed this on my local PC to be the case)... I've also used a trick in the past with the Move window key by hitting ALT then M to move then using one of the arrow keys on the keyboard followed by the mouse but as the "move" command is currently disabled this move trick does not work either so I'm out of options for now that I can think of.


    The customer will restart the system tonight and hopefully by the morning all will be back to normally but just wanted to post this finding up in case there was an easy work around if we ever run into it again for even for Emsisoft to perhaps look at enabling the 'move' command on the window in future version to allow for easy recover if/when it ever occurred again.


    Thanks very much!

  6. When I came into the office this morning my PC took around 20min to boot up but did say applying updates as we installed around 16 MS updates on Friday so am not sure IF the delay was due to only the MS updates or a conflict as per the link catprincess posted :-)


    However when I eventually logged into Windows the Emsisoft firewall was loaded and working 100%, no more error this morning, so I'm not sure if the MS updates might have fixed an issue OR if the latest Emsisoft automatic update might have fixed it but no errors were received this time round.


    I have since performed all the exclusion rules in both Emsisoft and MSE as suggested and rebooted the system and all is booting up fine now but still not 100% sure what has fixed the issue as there unfortunately a number of updates/changes made to the system with various automatic updates on Friday night. 


    Thanks for the post and details all looking good :-)

  7. I've also run into the same issue although I don't get the oaui.exe-application error every time the system is booted but only happend on the first time...


    Since then each subsequent boot shows an Emsisoft screen reporting "Error - Can not start Online Armour service" however when I check the services they do seem to be loaded and I then manually run a file called 'oaui.exe' in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Online Armor\  folder which seems to bring back the task bar icon and all 'seems' to be running ok


    I noticed in another thread Emsisoft reported they are working hard on an updated version but I'm not sure if it's to fix this issue or not, hopefully so.

  8. Hi Rob 


    Thanks for the quick reply.


    I can confirm if I check the "Programs" list and tell it to show trusted items in Online Armor I can see GMW.exe (Which is Goldmine for Windows) marked in Green and has a trust level of Trusted.


    If I double click on the gmw.exe I screen pops up with two options which are currently unchecked being: RunSafer and Installer... There is also a number of Permissions that are currently not set (n/a)... the only permission that is currently allowed is one called "Create Executable)

  9. Hi Support


    We have Online Armor on a system that has FrontRange Goldmine Premium installed and have found that Emsisof Online Armour is slowing keyboard input down dramatically as well as causing very high CPU usage whilst typing an e-mail for example... 


    The same issue occurs when running a spell check on your e-mail, very high CPU usage and very slow between words the delay can be a couple seconds.


    I've managed to narrow it down to the Program Guard as when I turn that off things speed up again but if this could be looked into and improved for future build that would be great.


  10. Dear Support


    We have been running the product for about 1-2 weeks (Eval copies on 4 computers)


    Just this week I have noticed 3 computers have started locking up - it locks up the application you are using and slowly locks the rest of the running application, your mouse works but that is all.

    You have to do a re-boot to get the system running again.


    It maybe after the release of 8.1 , not 100% sure, we have taken Emsisoft Anti-Malware off two of the computers and it has not happen to them again.  We will continue to monitor the other two.

    The frequency of the computer hanging was about once a day, and it maybe brought on when the computers memory is low or a large amount of applications are running, we also use Chrome on all the PC's.


    Thanks in advance 


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