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  1. Emsisoft give that same notice when uninstalling VoodooShield. As E.A.M add things like exploit & Anti Ransom-ware some normal stuff get convicted wrongfully. It's a very uncomfortable feeling & can also be deem as misleading. And to my knowledge it is the only Av that does it. Even before Exploits & ransom-ware was invented there were other misleading notices like etc:Hidden Backdoor,invisible download & manipulation of other process. This is a long on going problem that needs correcting.
  2. I love my stuff working great emsisoft isn't working as expected so i install 360 total security till emsisoft sort out themselves. I'm a long time user of E.A.M but i find lately it isn't functioning right. I was watching this problem for a while before i wrote about it, this problem is deep rooted, here are some of the problems I've encountered (slow boot, corrupt files and boot corruption, pc getting hot while idle,windows repair can't repair the problem, it says turn off your antivirus it stopping windows repair which is E.A.M, emsisoft restarts just so,and the thing is no update initiated it, can't get E.A.M uninstall have to put delete epp in command to get it work, it updating when it feel like) looka look I getting really fed up and frustrated with these people look at how many beta update release, where they claim the update issues fix, when in reality it far from fix or have gotten worst. These people need to understand that when long time users of this product is affected their reputation and money is affected.
  3. I had it at default which is hourly I uninstalled it again, will wait till a better update is out.
  4. Emsisoft Anti Malware hasn't been updated for the last 13hrs,and believe me I have uninstalled and reinstall this program numerous times I give up.
  5. Hi, I'm having update issues also even with the latest beta release,so i feel your pain. Thank you
  6. Hi guys i got it sorted out thanks,just wanted to let you know.
  7. Did that but it didn't work. I'll be off from work on sunday can i get some one use teamviewer to take a look at my pc please?
  8. With E.A.M 11 stable update the problem still remains,nothing has changed.
  9. I have reported to fabian on wilders security in a private chat from the first beta in E.A.M 11 that it has caused chrome on my system to crash I have updated to the latest beta no change in E.A.M behavior still blocks chrome on my win 10 64 bit laptop,uninstall beta 11 went back to E.A.M 10 chrome works,updated back to E.A.M 11 chrome fails to start so i know for sure E.A.M beta 11 is the problem,the reason i stick to E.A.M beta 11 is because E.A.M 10 stable fileguard only whitelist 1 thing,it does not work as should & do you know what hurts most the fact that i support this company fully I buy all of my keys directly from you & they're always for three yrs. How long do I have to endure this sufferation?
  10. I have the same problem as you but as i saw no one reporting it I said to myself it's probably only me so it may be my pc thanks for posting also since I installed Emsisoft beta 11 Chrome crash & has not worked since,even with the latest beta update.
  11. Man i was thinking it was only me who noticed that but it is true emsisoft isn't really blocking ads when using chrome but when i switch to ie it works, so i was wondering if Emsisoft & Google chrome are in cahoots together. & if you would like proof go to cnet with IE then go with Chrome & see the difference, plus what made me catch on to this problem fast is that i'm using MVP Host File in Emsisoft Anti Malware & it really blocks more stuff when using IE then Chrome. Thank you.
  12. Now before anyone bashes me let me make something clear i use this product that i'm about to comment on for yrs. Why does emsisoft have a submit malware part in they product & don't really utilize it, when i submit unknown malware it take days into weeks before they reply that is not acceptable,what is the purpose of it if it don't function,i love this product but that makes my heart bleed lumps of frustration,another thing when you open emsisoft go to protection press manage whitelist now why will you make the whitelisting box so cramped up, makes a person feel claustrophobic, so is the case when going to surf protection checking your rules,the vertical lines goes off page or out of site,now i have been watching this from version 9 hoping it will get fix now this is 10 still no change now what is up with that? The internal mechanism doesn,t work well & that needs addressing asap. If the product is global or striving to be then they must come to the realization that most people are not going to submit samples through forum.
  13. Is it this? Has/have you heard about Crypt0L0cker, thread on: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/574608/crypt0l0cker-support-topic/ There is a new ransomware out called Crypt0L0cker (the OHs are replaced with ZEROs). This ransomware appears to be a direct descendant of TorrentLocker, with the only known difference at this point being how it targets files for encryption. It is currently being distributed via email campaigns claiming to be government notices such as speeding violations. Once a user is infected the ransom will be set at approximately 2 bitcoins. This infection is targeting almost all countries other than the United States. Computers using an United States IP address will not become infected at this time. In the past TorrentLocker would target only certain file types for encryption. Crypt0L0cker on the hand uses an exclude list that contains only a few file types. This exclude list is: avi,wav,mp3,gif,ico,png,bmp,txt,html,inf,manifest,chm,ini,tmp,log,url,lnk,cmd,bat,scr,msi,sys,dll,exe Known Command & Control Servers and associated IP addresses: tidisow . ru lepodick . ru
  14. Hi guys to get around the problem,i found out that you change the DNS to Google which is it works.
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