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  1. hi, not sure if i am allowed to ask this? will there be some more betas to test soon ? thank you,
  2. hi, installed Emsisoft Anti-malware 10 beta, everything went well, thankfully, is running really well, faster scans, great job, so far so good, thank you,
  3. hello, thank you for your reply, I am using EIS.
  4. hi, installed latest build installation went well, running well thankfully, thank you , one step closer to final release, thank you, :)
  5. hi, just like to say, am finding latest build EIS 9, thank fully, very stable. good job, thank you, :)
  6. hi, thank you for to be able to resize window would be good, please, thank you, :)
  7. installed so far so good, thankfully, thank you. :)
  8. hi, I am also getting a reboot popup after each update, the only file that has been in each update is Fwndis64.sys thank you for your help
  9. hello, just to say thank you received threw update, installed fine, and is running well , thankfully, thank you. :)
  10. hello, I need to say been using all day, thankfully no slowdowns, scans are fast, no problems so far, great product, :)
  11. hi, installed Emsisoft internet security 9, so far working well, thank you . :)
  12. hello, set windows to never hide icons in notification area, thank you
  13. hello, is there any way please of having both of onlinearmor icons displayed please in system tray? , one keeps hiding itself! thank you, :)
  14. hello, its sorted know after last update, 10,855,537 signatures, thank you,
  15. hello, after last update, number of signatures has dropped to 768,138 ? is this correct? please help, thank you.
  16. sorry, if this has been asked before? is Emsisoft Antimalware and Online Armor 6 compatible with Windows 8.1 thank you
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