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  1. Is there a download for the previous version that I can run while this problem is investigated. (with updates disabled)
  2. Left system running for a while. I wanted to see if it did the pop up when running a new bat file so created test.bat When I tried to run it the system locked up. Did the safe mode reboot and collected logs (attached) Logs.rar
  3. Booted up in safe mode Renamed the Emsisoft directory name (by removing the E from Emsisoft) and rebooted. Started logging changed directory name back to Emsisoft Internet Security ran A2ASTART and ran a quick scan which completed OK and system did not lock Renbooted and system locked staright away. Booted up in safe mode Renamed the Emsisoft directory name (by removing the E from Emsisoft) and rebooted. collected logs as requested , attached below. System ran OK. Logs.rar
  4. Arthur, The attached rar file is from my setup which just locks up after a short while. No messages. I can get it to sort of work if I set the service to manual and then start a2astart.exe but after a scan it locks.. I'll try and get logs for this situation. Logs.rar
  5. Since I am an impatient soul and we haven't had an update or comment from Emsisoft I decided to do some work which may or may not help to isolate where the problem is. The following is a log of what I did before the system locked up. Uninstalled the existing EMSISOFT product and rebooted twice. Removed Emsisoft directory . (I have a zipped up copy elsewhere to hopefully put my config back if/when this is resolved) Installed latest version by executing EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup. It went through the sequence of downloading signature. completed at 100% Noted that updates where being installed Done. At this point the version number displayed was It requested a restart On logon the overview displayed Partial protection and a version of Ran a quick scan Update now was prompting so selected that . After this had installed it demanded a restart which I accepted. On logon the system locked after a short while. The only file in the logs directory is hopefully attached logs.db3
  6. I am a long time user of Emsisoft and this morning I was working on my PC (Lightroom editing an Image) . I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Emsisoft updated to a newer version and carried on. Within a minute or two my machine locked up. After a reboot it worked for 10 seconds or so and then locked up. Booted in safe mode and it worked OK. I use CCleaner and checked to see if anything new had appeared in startup menu. Disabled a few startup programs and rebooted. NO change, PC locked up after a short while. I have enough time to launch task manager but not time to switch to performance tab before it locks up. After a while I decided to disable EMsisoft as that would appear to be the only thing that had changed. Had to reboot to safe mode and changed the Emsisoft directory name (by removing the E from Emsisoft) and rebooted. System ran OK. Changed directory name back and rebooted and system locked up. So it would appear there is an issue with my/the current version of EMSISOFT. Was considering clearing out the whole Emsisift directory and re installing but I guess that would lose all my configuration/settings. Will wait for input from you guys before I do this. System Setup: Windows 10 64 bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1198) Product : Emsisoft Internet Security. Currently running without ANTI Virus Protection so would be grateful for quick response!.
  7. Probably the same issue as this : http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/22107-plex-media-server-being-block-sincce-last-update/ PS: They're working on it so unless you HAVE to don't change anything.
  8. I had the same. Spent a few hours going round in circles re establishing a homegroup but it is not properly sorted.
  9. RandomUser. Disabling the firewall allowed RDP to work on my system. No need to uninstall. (I assume some protection would still be active)
  10. I'm having the same problem. Has been working fine up till 21/6/2016 had to reset my homegroup as well. still cannot rdp unless EIS firewall disabled. Looking forward to your reply as to how to fix this. Mike
  11. Spot on Christian . Many thanks...... Hopefully it will update from back to Update: Yes it did. Thanks again.
  12. I guess an Admin has moved my post because I put it in the wrong place... sorry SInce the original post I updated it with some further details which I will repeat here. ANTI MAlware is version License expires 118 days Rebooted PC Rebooted Router Disabled Leaf Network Adapter (As I added a Netgear NAS Duo box 30 days ago, the only thing I think has changed since Anti Malware used to work) Disconnected Netgear NAS box. Returned some Router settings back to before NAS was added About to try a re install of the software. Update: Reinstall resulted in same issue.
  13. I am now having issues when trying to update Anti -malware. Been a user for many a year and noticed today that my software had updated 6 days ago. Tried a manual update and it throws up Could not connect to update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings. I do not use proxy and since I have typed this into Firefox my internet connection is ok. Mike
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