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  1. It did not improve the methods presented in support GT500 for this condition It is described that we know how to improve The security from the General tab of the left open the configuration screen in the case of the current series Avira Access to the control is improved by this uncheck the "protect the process from unintended end operation"
  2. Was carried out all the operations that were taught, but the situation does not improve
  3. If you install Online Armor to the environment in which you are using the AviraAntivirus Access to the control panel of AviraAntivirus will be some limitations Why?
  4. Hello, EmsisoftEmergencyKit in that of this affair A log is attached. regsvr.exe does not exist in the directory in question.
  5. Hello if it scans by EmsisoftEmergencyKit -- certainly regsvr.exe is detected. Deletion and isolation of EmsisoftEmergencyKit cannot do this file. Moreover, regsvr.exe exists in no directory of a computer. Don't some good solutions which were not effective have the scan by a safe mode, either?
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