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  1. Perhaps test them yourself and make your own judgement. It is unrealistic to expect EAM forum discussions to compare itself to other av's.


    As to you last paragraph, this is not a political discussion forum especially posts which bring up murder and assassinations.


    Anymore remarks like this and you will be banned.


    I thank you for not removing the post.  Please allow me to defend my position, as well.


    As a concerned citizen of the United States I felt that the question about spying(a very grave infraction on our freedoms and privacy) deserved a comprehensive and as complete an answer.

    I did nothing more or less than specify the source of the danger and the level of the danger and the ruthlessness of its perpetrators just as a virus report does for all known signatures.

    Thus i disagree with you that the subject matter is off mark.  I do hope that you do not ban me and violate my free speech.


    I would hope that you reinstate the link i had provided to allow other unsuspecting individuals to further educate themselves about this danger.

    I thank member 'biodegradable' for bringing up this crucial point of great interest to the realm of virus and malware invasion.


    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. The problem with MSSE is that it does little aside from classic signature detection. That means that if a threat isn't yet in their database, it can do whatever it pleases on your computer. EAM would have caught such a threat with the behavior blocker, which doesn't rely on signature detection but looks at the behavior of files.


    On the other hand, MSSE's detection is decent, they rarely have any false-positives and the program runs smoothly. It can be used quite well alongside EAM.

    Thank you for this nice comprehensive answer.

    I had always wondered about engine features that are not discussed but do work under the hood to gain a step on the invaders.

    Can you point me to documentation that covers those features?

    Why would I want to still run MSSE?  I need to keep my system as lean as possible.

    Thank you for an already wonderful answer.

  3. Aside from kicking in this conversation(see below), I am interested in a comparison of the EMSI Software and MS Essentials


    I see that you do not even mention MS Essentials nor show it on the benchmarks, as if not in the same league, or too risque
    as potential show stopper!


    The Freeze.com garbage was on my system in the registry, detected by EMSI online quick scan.

    Obviously MS Essentials did not care to address this low risk trojan.

    But I have had so many different virus software on my system over 35 years, I am leery to yet consider another one,

    which claims as all others do, they are the best and the solution!

    Before I installed MS Essentials, I had problems from time to time that required major cleanups and (re)installs.

    I had to use several tools to clean the systems, since some saw things others did not.

    After installing MS Essentials, I have never had to do any major recoveries, only minor 1 or 2 clicks cleanups!

    Thereabout 8 years of peace!



    Besides encryption, actually increases the chances of your traffic being scrutinized by the NSA, and it will be kept indefinitely. So, surfing and communicating like the other 99% of Internet users, reduces the likelihood of your traffic being scrutinized. Unless you are engaged in activities they are interested in, then their algorithms will separate your traffic from the chafe.

    I am not meaning to be confrontational.  I am a software engineer, therefore I think qualified to comment.
    Your 2 posts are creating perhaps too much assurance that one will fall in the cracks due to volume.

    I hope not to create fear but to remind everyone that when you go online everything you do is open for the sharks to munch on.

    The software that distills the data is extremely powerful.  It can use simple patterns to push the source of an entry into a hierarchy of sub stacks that are in turn scrutinized, several levels deep.

    There are paid agents who also manually push your source to designated stacks that are scrutinized across agents. (when you engage in Internet debates)

    Eventually you will be distilled to a stack that is manageable by their tyrannic tools and criminal individuals.


    At this point in the game it is no longer a matter to hide from them, but instead to pass the information around and to indeed overwhelm them

    with numbers of individuals in the know!  Hiding from them is the look-after-myself approach, exactly what they wish.  Wrong. if not cowardly!

    Labeling it a matter of ethics is at best very naive.  This is a criminal enterprise of the level of the GULAG(FEMA) camps.

    The American government is hijacked, has been since Lincoln.  The American People is just now starting to wake up!

    They kill, murder, assassinate to increasingly acquire total control and they are well on the way.

    They have killed millions in the last century!  2 keywords you should never forget, Rothschild, AIPAC!

    But that is too large a subject to spell out here. If you are interested in the truth on Earth go to  ~link removed.

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