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  1. Once again, many thanks for responding. Just bear with me a tad more, please. 1. ok, would be nice to change 2. DDA - why didn't I think of it 3. I finally see how custom scan works. The GUI for that part is clear as mud, but the scan worked perfectly. The problem is/was that, initially, you don't even see what is being added because of the size of the selection box and the number of default partitions/volumes already listed. There's so much blank space on the screen that I'd think a decent looking table with checkmarks would be a nicer solution Whitelisting: is there a quick way to get some feedback that whitelisting actually took place? View report button just shows detections. I whitelisted two program but a2whitelist.ini has the names of detections, not files. Such as Backdoor.Generic.220498 (B), or Application.Win32.InstallAd (A). I did this on purpose. BUT I'd hate to see all backdoor group or open candy ads whitelisted for the future, important scans. Should I worry or not? Submit FP: I clicked to submit a file, just to see how it would work. Nothing happened far as I can tell. Nothing in the firewall, nothing in TCPview. 4. New item, likely the last one, since EEK basically looks good to me: the old a-squared scan used to show a ton of traces or tracking cookies etc. These scans do not. Does it mean my box is superclean (unlikely), or simply different emphasis?
  2. Done. Exactly as you suggested Fabian, thank you. I did some snooping under Admin2 user (not me), and suspect the toolbar might have come, in 2010, with Sun Java which I no longer have. Makes sense? Few follow up questions, items 2 and 3 are OT, hope you don't mind: 1. Did I have to rerun the scan (albeit stopped short once 2 detections showed up) to see the list and be able to delete one and whitelist PE? I looked all over and didn't find it other than in the log file. 2. The default settings for the Smart scan included "Direct disk access" set to NO. Yet, SSM (System safety monitor) did alert, and I allowed, a direct disk access driver. Is that normal? 3. I wanted to trial a custom scan of a folder in a non-system partition. Is that possible? I saw the selection of partitions, and selected partition, folder, yet it seems it didn't really get selected. And EEK was doing scanning C:. Log file does show all drives and the folder I selected, rather than just the folder. It is really unclear to me how to do that.
  3. On WinXP-SP3, I just, for the first time, I ran Emergency kit scan. In normal, not in safe mode. 1. is false positive. In the registry it confirma that it's Process Explorer, legit hijack, 2. isn't classified as hi risk, but baffles me completely. I don't know of any yahoo toolbar I have, and there is no such key (...-1006) in the registry. At this point I did nothing, unchecked both and exited. What should I do now? Thanks in advance. BTW, goldious utility, reminds me of the old a2 scans
  4. Lurking here, considering OA for an XP box. Is a design such as the one described in reply#4 over on Avast forum http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=131048.0 possible to build in OA? Or will "Intercept loopback interface" setting do the job?
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