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  1. Should I also exclude c:\program files and c:\windows ?
  2. I uninstalled and then installed SB once again. Now I can launch programs sandboxed. But the problem just does not go away. Internet Explorer when launched in SB frequently freezes my computer, which can be rebooted only by the power switch. OA and SB are simply not compatible.
  3. I have already done that. The exclusion folder is C:\Program files\Sandboxie\ Still does not work. When I try to launch a program sandboxed from sandboxie menu, I get the following error : SBIE2205 Service not implemented.
  4. In OA program list I see only Sandboxieinstall.exe, Sandboxieinstall32.exe, SandboxieInstall-32-bit-245966.exe. Is this the problem ? Should I add all *.exe files from sandboxie directory ?
  5. Didn't help. Cannot open any program in sandboxie.
  6. Help needed ! Same problem with sandboxie. OA has disabled it. Now, when I rightclick on a program, there is no option to run it in sandboxie. If I click on "launch browser in sendboxie", computer freezes, and it can be rebooted by only turning the power off. OA and emsisoft anti-malware are in the compatibility list of SB. Thank you.