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  1. I removed the /h and /r parameters and all seems to be well... don't remember where I got those parms, but obviously they are incorrect.... I will watch the scan and post back if that does not completely solve the problem... sorry for the trouble, and many thanks for your help!!!!
  2. yes, the signature files are there...approx. 175 MB.... the command is: a2cmd.exe /f="C:\" /m /t /c /h /r /a /n /q /log="Y:\log.txt" many thanks...
  3. when trying to use cmd line scanner, i update (/u) (update works fine) and then try to run a scan... i am getting an error msg that says "program error, no malware signatures can be found" please go to web site and download... i thot that the update process is doing this??? also, cannot find anywhwere on web site to download malware signatures... any help appreciated... many thanks!!!!