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  1. RT @ColMorrisDavis: No time for families of dead soldiers, time for 5 rounds of golf & a big lie. @realDonaldTrump ... leadership fail. ht…

  2. @TamaraTattles I cannot stand Kim and her freakish plasticine body/face.

  3. @emclient https://t.co/SfBlvvGUEC

  4. RT @jimsciutto: President Trump has not yet commented publicly on the four #GreenBerets killed in an ambush in Niger Oct 4. https://t.co/RN…

  5. @thegrugq_ebooks @AJEnglish you can remove your tinfoil hat anytime now

  6. @BravoIsLife @RHObsessed stop the insanity. O.o

  7. RT @ColMorrisDavis: Traditional & thoroughly inadequate “thoughts & prayers” response to gun slaughter from @realDonaldTrump ... how about…

  8. @ladamidesigns @suezinohio Watch "Watch Donald Trump's 2004 'SNL' Skit https://t.co/8kDVwFzrNb

  9. @TomSandoval1 @MoheganSun cool. Who's gonna be there? WE're 1 hour away!

  10. RT @meganamram: i agree with republicans because i too want millions of people to die so that i can get revenge on Black President

  11. @AJEnglish they're both fat fucking bullies

  12. @AndroidPolice @nest Holy lag batman

  13. @MereMay87 @CrimeWritersOn she's a cancer to society

  14. @ladamidesigns @suezinohio https://t.co/rlVIJTM0vR

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