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  1. Hi. Just like the topic title says, is there a limited freeware version of EIS after the trial period expires just like both Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware had? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi. It is indeed on All allowed now that I reinstalled EIS (I had uninstalled after the issue with uTorrent) and so far I only received two prompts for the program (one for outgoing and one for incoming connections I think it was). I also modified the outgoing traffic behavior to "ask" as instructed in your previous reply. I will continue to use the program and will report if I encounter any further issues. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What about the issue with the firewall prompting me over and over about uTorrent even though I selected to allow all traffic from the program? Also, is there a limited freeware version of EIS just like OA and the malware remover had? Thanks again.
  4. Hi. I had been using Online Armor Free for years and I loved it, so I was dismayed to find out that it had been discontinued and that new installations (I had to reimage my computer) were being blocked. I also used (and liked) Emsisoft´s malware remover (scanner only) so I figured that a program that merged both programs couldn´t be bad. Apparently I was wrong. The new program relegates the firewall options to a single (sparsely populated) tab and doesn´t allow you to control it properly. I used OA as a basic firewall, with the HIPS features off. OA would prompt me whenever a program wanted
  5. Hi. I have always used Emsisoft Anti Malware in its freeware mode as an on demand scanner since I do not like/use resident protection for any of my security software. Prior to the update to version 9 you had 3 options upon installation: trial mode, paid license and limited freeware mode. I always chose the latter; however with the latest update this was no longer posible, you had to either enter a license or use the 30 day trial, so I did assuming I would be given the option to select the freeware mode once it expired. It appears I was mistaken since now whenever I try to open the program I ge
  6. I´ve been using Online Armor Free for a while now and never had any problems with it. I just use the firewall part of the program, all HIPS features are disable. Recently I started playing Battlefield 3 online and I kept getting kicked by Punkbuster because it had failed to update. The problem ceased when I shut the firewall down. Apparently Punkbuster keeps making small updates that change the program´s exe, which of course prompts the firewall to ask me to either allow or block it (there is already a rule in place to allow and trust the program). My question is, is it possible to create a r
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