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  1. One piece of anecdotal evidence that may help. In my case, turning off the modem then cold booting then waiting until there were no more programs to load, avoided all the problems with EIS.
  2. I tried turning off the modem before booting this morning. I noticed that several services in the tray, bottom right, took over two minutes to load once the main booting had taken place. All the time these services were loading, EIS was flashing that it was trying to update, even though there was no internet connection! During this two minutes, if I tried to start a few other programs, they took ages. I sure am glad I no longer have these other programs in startup. Eventually EIS calmed down, and I was able to get my regular programs loaded. Then I turned on the modem, and about 5 minutes late
  3. For several weeks I have noticed that EIS partially jams up the system upon cold reboots. I run a desktop and always shut down at night. It is the cold starts that lead to hangs. For instance, when I try to start My Computer, while EIS says it is still updating, the program does not start, or I get the white screen. EIS reports "100% " for over a minute. This morning I also had most of my my icons moved to the second screen -- not for the first time. In my case, I wonder if the problem is the updates, not the program itself. Is there a setting somewhere to automatically delay updates t
  4. See my thread in the forum for the suite. I have a similar problem. Ilowe
  5. The new version was worth a try. It was just like the last version: updates failed, both during the installation, and when I initiated them manually. In each case I tried several times, since I have an erratic internet connection. My email for instance sometimes times out, but usually works with a second or third attempt. I did not risk a reboot . I uninstalled. Sad. At least now we know that the problem is with the antimalware part of the program, not the firewall.
  6. Sorry to not work on this for a few days. The BSOD creator does not work even before EIS is installed. Just in case, I found and ran your cleaner, to make sure there were no previous versions still lingering. The cleaner found nothing. I have used some other virus finders. The bitdefender site showed the problems when the installed language of my computer, and my location, are detected and programs insist they know better than I do. It insisted on keep changing back to non-English. At least your site allows fixed choice. I tell you, the monolinguals among you do not understand the
  7. i forgot to say. When things jammed up, even the time, bottom right, failed to move. Might be significant
  8. Thanks. I found an old keyboard. Ran bellavista as you said. Applied the settings, rebooted. Installed EIS. Disabled startup firewall and set the services to manual. Rebooted. Basically the same as before. i could reboot. I loaded process explorer so I could see new programs starting. Double clicked on EIS icon. Saw that a2start and a2service were working. The HDD was flashing a lot, for minutes. Tried to create the BSOD and failed. Ended up powering down, and rebooting. Double checked bellavista. Rebooted. EIS start, and once again, bellavista failed me.This is the only time I have wish
  9. I fail to see how I could create a BSOD even if I had an extended keyboard. I can install EIS. It seems to work, until I reboot, though I have not tested that extensively. I do know I can download the latest signatures and do an extended scan. Then I disable start firewall at boot, and change the service to manual. I rebooted. I started EIS, and once fully loaded, the system jammed. Not even Ctl-Alt-Del would work. Nothing reacted. So I had to power down, and cold boot, and faced the "Windows did not shut down normally" screen. This means that the problem is in that disabled service,
  10. OK. Thanks. I really really appreciate your calm re-assuring advice and detailed help. I have two computers. The problem computer is running. So we can work methodically. 1. My laptop does not have Scroll lock, So how cal I use bellavista? 2. I am game to try the alternative batch files. I think I could simply act normally until windows jams. Then it would need a forced reboot. Would that be good enough? I have searched my computer and there are no dmp files lying around so far as I know. I will try to send the private message to request a longer trial licence. Thanks. I have
  11. OK. Thanks. Successfully installed the hotfix. Ran it for a while, so that is stable. Just now, I created a system restore point, just in case, and just in case that works (sometimes does, and is useful, never worked out why sometimes works. Figure that a new one manually created is most likely to work). I installed EIS. I let it update. Noticed MSE was not turned off -- I expected EIS to do that automatically, but left it alone. I did a Malware scan, nothing showed. I unchecked the box in general tab of settings, to do with start firewall. I used services.msc to find and set to
  12. This time I got them. Last time I tried I did not. I downloaded all three of them. It came in three versions. Platform i386 Platform x64 Platform ia64 Question 1. Which one do I use on Win7 32 bit, and which one do I use on the problem Win7 64 bit computer? Once I know, I will on Monday probably, then install EIS and set it to manual load first, as advised above. I will do a full scan of the computer. Then reboot. If it fails to reboot even when set to manual, then that gives some clues. Once manual is working -- already progress I can live with, I will try automatic loading.
  13. Before you ask me to do something complicated. I was reviewing the problems just now. I do not have KB2958399 as the installer asks for. I cannot find it on the web. I do not have it for the problem laptop 64 bit, or for the desktop 32bit, never needed it. Perhaps there is no longer a need, but if that could be the solution!!
  14. Sorry, I forgot to reply to one of your questions. Even though I take notes when things happen on my computer, I cannot now trace the order of the problems. I cannot remember the sequence, vivaldi-redirects and EIS crashing the computer. I am off to work now, I will try and reconstruct the events sequence and let you know.
  15. Re the adverts. What I was seeing was, on the bbc site, and the dailymail news site, that when I scrolled down, I was being redirected to what I took to be virus sites. Other sites did not have that. It may have been videos. I did several checks. I used avira rescue boot disk to scan my computer. I updated vivaldi. I stopped all extensions. I also found that I did not experience the problem when I used vivaldi in no-images mode. Adblocker seemed to stop all that. My priority now is to find a solution to the main problem. From memory, I think I could, when EIS was installed, get to the scr
  16. Thanks for the tip about Opera 12.18. I thought they had stopped updating that line of versions, and I strongly disliked the thoughts of struggling with Opera 40+ which looked like Chrome. I had had enough problems making Opera 12 look more like the useful Opera 10. Nowadays I only use Opera for the RSS feeds. I came across Vivaldi, waited a few months, then made the jump. Vivaldi is a long way from what Opera 10x was, and is still maturing, but is better than Opera 40x Yes, I did try to add extensions to Vivaldi, which I now regret. I should have waited. I now stick to the approach of eac
  17. Done. I hope this leads to a solution. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  18. Thanks. The strange thing is, the problem happened with Vivaldi on the problem computer, which had the same extensions as the non-problem desktop. Extensions was one of the first think I thought of, especially in that Vivaldi being fairly new, I had the impression extensions were not well behaved! The next thing I did was make sure I had the latest version. I guess now the problem is dealt with, using Adblocker. What is new now for you to think about. My problem laptop was bought about a year ago. I have found the notes I took about what software came pre-installed. I remembered that
  19. For the sake of lurkers, I have been told that the crash dumps have been sent to others in the team behind the scenes. What is new is that my browser, Vivaldi, in the last few days, seemed to keep getting hijacked by adverts. On the other parallel computer without problems, this did not happen. Usual stuff, I made sure Vivaldi was up to date, stopped all extensions etc. Then I remembered I had a free bonus when I renewed, of Adblocker. I installed and activated it and the problem is gone. This is to praise the security suite, and Emsisoft fortunately providing me with an extra layer i
  20. Thankyou. I really appreciate knowing what the expected timescale is. I can contentedly wait now.
  21. OK. That is clear. Another time I might just try turning off as much as I can, then starting it manually once booted. I know it is a problem of loading, because when I did a clean install, the computer worked normally as far as I could see. This start EIS AFTER boot,, if it worked, would be a temporary workaround. My thoughts also might be a clue for the developer, who now has the crash reports. Meantime, I am using MSE + Windows Firewall. I await news from the analysis of the crash dumps. I presume you will post them here when they are ready? I sure hope you can find a solution. What puzzle
  22. As I remember it from the better days when Firewall and AV were separate, there were similar problems. Online Armor, I am afraid, was notorious for giving problems like this whenever there was a program update. Therefore, I did the program update once per year or so, after first making sure I had done a full System cleanup and backup. I loved Online Armor enough to put up with this, and to use the workaround. I am not trying to mope, just to learn from the past. It was usually the firewall that caused the problems, not the AV. Therefore, which part of the above suggestions applies to the F
  23. Done. Another time, would it be possible to follow this scenario? 1. I leave in the background, Microsoft Security Essentials + Windows Firewall. 2. I install EIS but set it to NOT load at startup. Is this possible? 3. I boot as normal, then load EIS, which automatically turns off the MSE and Windows Firewall (I think). This would follow the old procedures: one program at a time. When the internet first came my way, I used to boot, then load the firewall, then load the antivirus, then load a few other programs, and then go to the internet. It avoided problems, and I still like it an
  24. I was using the latest version of EIS. That was one of the possibilities I thought of. I did a fresh download on another computer and re-installed from scratch, since, reading other posts in the past, that sometimes fixes a problem like this. Sure, I would be happy to upload the memory dumps -- remind me how to send you a private message.
  25. Using a Lenovo X230 Win7 64bit. Friday morning, working normally. Closed screen. In the afternoon, computer would not come alive. I berated myself for not using the Winkey+L for shut down. Rebooted. I was surprised that an error options menu did not appear as on the desktop whenever I cut the power. Got as far as the user choices, then the pw for a user. After a minute or so, the hdd light stopped blinking. There followed over six hours of work. Delighted, Lenovo had included the Recovery Mode. Tried autorecovery. Saw the details, there was nothing to fix. Tried system restore, that f
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