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  1. Un-installed MSE altogether and Now it is working perfectly after re-boot and presume the Main cause was MSE conflictions or the last updates which were released by them. Annoying problem resolved and thank all of you for your quick response and timely help. regards
  2. Enabled beta version as suggested but now the boot up takes 20 minutes before I can log in and access the laptop. but the oaui.exe box does not appear on boot up now. any suggestions please. thks
  3. many thanks for some guidance and info. would it be advisable to un-install Microsoft Essentials and maybe this might solve the problem. any input appreciated.
  4. i have been using without any problems for a long time emsisoft and online armour without any problems. Now it shows on starting up every time the following error. oaui.exe-application error The instruction at 0x5b22406 reference memory at 0x0000072. The memory could not be written. Click OK to terminate the program why is this so and how to I fix this irritating problem. thanks
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