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  1. Thanks for explaining that. I don't want to experiment in case I lose my application rules, however: Does "factory defaults" detect my installed software and add appropriate rules as a new installation would? (Having just used "export settings" I now know that keeps them) Thanks for your patience
  2. I'm interested in this too (image here...https://cyberraiden.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/emsisoft-internet-security-10-alert_01-05-2015_01-12-29.jpg?w=830 ) I've always opted for the "Remove rule" option that monitors the programme like a newly installed one. The problem with this is that it deletes the existing rule, and I'm not technically-minded enough to write new rules My questions are these: 1) Is monitoring a programme without rules generally more secure than monitoring one with rules (I assume that depends on the rules chosen)? 2) For the non-technical is "Remove rule" the more s
  3. Hello Christian Thanks for your reply and I'll stay with the full EIS package Regards
  4. Hi I have a 40% discount on EIS, which is due for renewal in a few weeks I access the internet through a home wireless router these days and I don't think that I need the firewall component in EIS Is that correct? Can I transfer my renewal discount to EAM? Thanks
  5. Hello I saw it mentioned as a solution? or diagnosis tool? on another thread Thanks for clarifying tim-b BTW, very happy with EIS (4668), and the systray icon now shows correct update dates as well
  6. Hello Is the MS Fixit disabling IPv6 something that everyone should apply, or is it specific to certain problems? Does it affect the performance / security of EIS, which includes IPv6 support? What effect does disabling IPv6 have on Windows? I don't network or print share, just email and internet through my ISP and Windows Update, system time, etc Thanks tim-b
  7. The title says it all...I've recently reinstalled everything from a factory reset and EIS allowed it all to go smoothly I used to disable OA because the HIPS invariably stopped some update or other from happening, but with EIS I could keep full firewall protection throughout I've noticed one minor niggle, if I mouse over the system tray icon, the update shown is dated from when I last opened EIS. Not a problem, EIS is working fine, just a minor cosmetic niggle. If I open and close EIS then it picks up the new date The image is just to explain the date/time that I mean...
  8. For the record, all sorted very efficiently Thank you
  9. Hello Christian PM waiting Thank you tim
  10. Hi Really pleased with EIS I dipped in and out a couple of times while it was in beta and had a couple of problems, but the release version is excellent IMHO My wife wouldn't have the previous OA/EAM package because OA was a bit too active for her tastes. She now has a fully-licenced EIS that was downloaded directly using my Referral Rewards code. I haven't had the additional 180 days added to my licence yet, how long does this take? A couple of considerations that might cause a problem: I installed and paid for EIS on her PC Two separate PCs but the same house / rout
  11. Is there anything that I can supply to help, system details, etc? Thanks tim-b
  12. Hello Windows 7, fully up to date I had EIS beta which worked well. No beta updates selected Ticked beta updates setting today and got Now I can't access the network, untick the firewall and I'm back on the network (but no firewall) This problem with 4208 has also been referred to in another thread (EIS 9 Beta I cant activate the firewall) but wasn't addressed by Fabian I've gone back to the old EAM/OA package until this can be sorted Thanks tim-b
  13. Hello GT500 Four weeks on...EAM has solved the problem with the update freezing. EAM auto updates on first boot without problem. Very occasionally it forgets and needs a manual update. I have just (this week) reinstalled my whole system from factory default. EAM will now update and scan files manually as a user and without asking for admin rights. Something had obviously got messed up over the last twelve months which is now reset. A big thumbs up to the Emsisoft team and a Happy 2014 Regards tim-b
  14. Hi Thanks GT500. Is there a problem/fix? Regards tim-b
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