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  1. Thank you for your confirmation elexorien, ill honestly admit i dont know what event viewer is but it is good to know that the problem is not isolated to just my laptop.
  2. Was there any special update or relevant changes made to online armor 1 day ago ?
  3. I do not have any relevant minidumps for this problem, last one dates to 18-7-13.
  4. Greetings, As of 1 day ago (17-9-2013), I started getting the BSOD problem (black screen after login, movable cursor, working task manager but no explorer or icons). Due to the sheer number of possible causes it took me a while to filter it down. I know believe it has something to do with the online armor. I believe so because in the msconfig services it is the only thing that i cannot check and have a viable boot. I have a paid and licenced version of both emsisoft antimalware and onine armor and both worked very much to my satisfaction until 1 day ago. I am now trying to reinstall online armor and license it again to see if this fixes my problem. Should anyone know of this possible conflict or have any information regarding it i would be very gratefull if they shared it with me. Will check back here in 6 hours. Regards, A.