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  1. When I last used Avast, I did follow ALL recommended removal techniques, including safe mode as well as using a tool specifically for removing all traces of it. The only thing is if I do try Avast again, I will have to configure it to ONLY update virus defs, and not the program. In other words stick with v8.x, as I DO NOT like what they did to the interface for upcoming v9. Reminds me WAY too much of my old EGA monitor days. I think it is just plain UGLY. I may even see if I can find old version 7 maybe. But 9 is a NO GO here. The "flat interface style" used to be known as Metro is flat ugly.
  2. I am looking at possibly dropping Comodo Internet Security Premium, and installing Online Armor Free and Avast Antivirus Free (v8). Priot to using CIS, I had tried to use OA and Avast together, BUT, apparently installing Avast FIRST caused issues with OA. Am I correct in assuming that maybe I should have install ed OA FIRST? PLEASE, any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.