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  1. Emsisoft still finds it and the file is in Quarantine List in Emsisoft Anti-Malware still get found. As with my pc everything is running good but my IE would download anything a pages stop or wont load but I think that has something different to do with this. Do we know what program this registry key has anything to do with and came from? Lastly since it is not really a risk and other software is not finding it as a risk. Do you think it is just okay to ignore it in Emsisoft Anti-Malware or report it has false alert? Thanks Addition(64BIT).txt Emsisoft.txt FRST(64BIT).txt Quarantine
  2. I have ran the test and I got the fixlog Attached. Just a FYI when I run the First64 Tool Emsisoft and my main Security Software wants to block it and says don't download. Anyway the file is attached. Fixlog.txt
  3. I had more then that threat that always found by EMSISOFT and would keep coming back but the threats have not been found lately. Well today EMSISOFT found them again and I deleted them and everything. Few hours later I did a scan and found the same threats. I have not done anything you told me to do in your post I made a NEW system report so maybe you want to look at the new one first. Attached is the new report. Thank you Addition(NEW).txt FRST(NEW).txt Scan Report-NEW.txt
  4. I am not sure what this threat is but it is listed as NO Risk but I would just like to make sure and get rid of it. I have Deleted it with Emsisoft and Quarantined. The threat keeps coming back and loading on my pc. I have gone in to my Pc Registry to Delete the Key but again it keeps coming back and loading on my pc. Scan Report.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. When I scan my computer it finds registry keys but it says they are No Risk. So my question is what should I do about them?
  6. Need help removing a file that the software can not remove. It says no risk but I do not want it on my pc it seems like it is a file to a program I uninstalled. Thanks
  7. Okay thank you it was not Emsisoft Anti-Malware deleting the cookies it was another program. I do have another question on can Emsisoft Anti-Malware scan a program to see if it is safe? Also if you know for sure a program is safe from a major company how can I report it to Emsisoft as a flus flag?
  8. Is there any way to scan internet cookies but keep some on a safe list? Every time any scan is done all of my logins on some websites need to bed logged in again.
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