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  1. You can try to disable some other startup programs. If this still not working maybe you can consider upgrading your RAM,
  2. i'll be more careful next time. Thanks for your helping!
  3. This is what I meant good customer support. Here is the logs: By the way, Tencent is a lifechat apllication that I'm using and it is harmless therefore I want to keep it.
  4. HI, I followed the instruction from other posts by downloading AdwCleaner and finally it removed from my browsers, I opologize that I didn't attach the logs form EEK and Farbar because they didn't detect anything. Another thing I want to say is this forum is really helpful! Anyway, thanks for your reply.
  5. My browsers had been hijacked by but can't be found on EEK. Here is the log files;
  6. Thanks for your information. I didn't know that it can restore its size by this way.
  7. Yes. Due to some reason I changed my resolution before it happened. After that I changed back to my regular resolution, I opened EEK and its size changed and it is way too long until I can't reach the bottom. I had tried many ways including changing my screen resolution, running in safe mode (screen resolution is 800x600), using unisizer etc but failed to solve this problem. Recently I extracted the file again and it is back to normal again. I hope the products of EEK will be able to change the screen size by dragging from the corner sides of the window to prevent this happen again. Thanks you.
  8. I'm using EEK but recently I have problem with its size. When I minize it I can't reach the bottom. Please help me!
  9. the real time protection of ASC will automatically turn off and will not be turned on due to the other antivirus installed (mine is ESS 6 and has the same situation).
  10. now i get it. by the way the problem fixs too. thanks for your helping.
  11. i updated to version .14 but after restart i reverted back to version .13. i think eek doesn't save the changes that i've made
  12. its weird. now i haved restarted my computer and it shows .13 version and not .14. i think the eek doesn't save the changes i've made.
  13. yes. just now i checked the beta update and perform an update.
  14. i am using the latest version but the problem still exists