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  1. Nick... thanks for the info. I went through all the tabs and between being a DA and blind-as-a-bat, didn't see it. My apologies for taking up your time. ray
  2. The ones I'm referring to are OA program updates, misc. messages dealing with "topics" of interest to read, etc. . Or can I schedule these updates / misc. pop-ups to happen at a specific time ? Right now, they happen at 22:00 hrs and that is when I downloading data logged during the day and inputting the data to a spreadsheet. Quite often, it causes the computer to freeze for a second or two on each pop-up. Thanks
  3. OK, that got it fixed. Did a backup with no problems. THANKS !! 67stang
  4. " Emsisoft Anti-Malware " is not installed ; only Online Armor. 67stang
  5. GT500... Tried what you suggested and it still tells me that backup is disabled and that it is "Free Edition" s/w that I'm running. 67stang
  6. Well, I right clicked on the OA icon in the system tray, then clicked on Configuration . On the "Options" page, clicked on the "Backup/Restore" tab and it returns a message that " Sorry, this page is disabled in free version ". Clicked on the License tab and clicked "Show License" and it returns the license / key that was issued when I updated to a 3-PC pack license. So, what's going on ????!!!!! 67stang
  7. The drive I've been using has gotten really slow & flakey so I've been setting up a new drive. Just reloaded OA on it and was wondering if there is any way to transfer all of the configuration files to the new drive so I don't have to go through the process of telling OA what is ok to access the net , etc. Fresh install of XP w/SP2 , SP3 and all subsequent updates. 67stang
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