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  1. I've the same problem. I'm using W7 (32) AM and IS too. a2start.log
  2. I can confirm that new GUI works without any problem on my netbook 12.1" 1366*768.
  3. I've the same situation but with Application.AdStart (A) and Application.AppInstall (A)
  4. Hi Bainn, Can You please confirm what version you are using? Is it stable version ( or beta ( BR Mikołaj
  5. Hi Batman. Could You please to do a Speed Test for ex. via this site(speedtest.net), and final results please to share with us. Mikołaj
  6. Hi WellMan, Does this problem persist, when You turn off Firewall from Comodo? I'm asking, because probably I've the same problem on my Windows 7 32, and EAM. Best Regards Mikołaj