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  1. RT @ilsoftware: Fattorizzabili le chiavi crittografiche RSA generate con una libreria Infineon molto usata

  2. @kcrossover2012 Grazie mille, gentilissimo. Un saluto a Zoe e Lorenzino :-)

  3. Un po' di Veneto nello spazio :-)

  4. I never signed up for this! Privacy implications of email tracking

  5. Perché il Nobel per la fisica è andato alle onde gravitazionali via @wireditalia

  6. The Story Behind Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” cover

  7. The joy and agony of translating song lyrics

  8. Thousands of Qatar World Cup workers ‘subjected to life-threatening heat’

  9. RT @ShomahKhoobi: It took Brett Favre 15 years to beat 31 teams (He beat all 32). It took Aaron Rodgers only 10 years to beat 31 teams

  10. RT @GossiTheDog: Adobe Security Incident Response Team accidentally publishes their PGP private key on their blog.

  11. RT @disinformatico: Senza questi due nonnini, #StarTrek non esisterebbe: furono loro negli anni 60 a coordinare campagna di lettere per non…

  12. ROTFL

  13. RT @MedBunker: Ancora oggi c'è chi crede che l'omeopatia sia medicina. Diffondere ciarlatanerie diffonde ignoranza. Pericoloso fare finta d…

  14. RT @Ingolf_He: @EranArvonio @FirefoxScout @FirefoxNightly @firefox @googlechrome Just a quick tip to open a new tab container -- hold down…

  15. If the offense control the clock instead of playing for the big gain is easier for D#. Big game by all #GoPackGo

  16. RT @mozilla: Big news! Mozilla's open-source commenting platform is rolling out across the @washingtonpost website. How and why: https://t.…

  17. RT @Just_pinkfloyd: The Lunatic is on the grass

  18. The Hard Truth About Harvey:

  19. RT @TheHackersNews: Hacked sites include databases from Myspace, Linkedin, Dropbox, Tumblr, Ashley_Madison, Adobe, NaughtyAmerica, Forbes &…

  20. RT @ilburch: Volete un rimedio omeopatico senza zucchero? Aprite il rubinetto e bevete! #omeopatia

  21. RT @shahanLA: This is a fascinating hour-long interview. Seemed like he answered every question posed.