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  1. Hi. Had this problem opening advert photos on Facebook.JS:Trojan,Cryxos.216 E

    Emsisoft jumped in and Quarantined it so thought that's it fixed so tried again and got the same problem again.

    So thinking maybe an I/E problem I deleted I/E and replaced it with Chrome. But got the same problem.

    Also had a big notice come up to phone such and such of a number from elsewhere which I deleted.

    Now my problem is has it actually downloaded anything on to my computer that my security programs cannot find.

    Slightly overloaded with security programs for this reason. Malwarebytes,Eset and Emsisoft. I have run them all in full scans and nothing is found except what has been quarantined.

    I checked this out from F-Secure and it looks the same. https://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/trojan_js_cryxos.shtml

    I am almost sure that if I go back to facebook and open the advert pages I will get the same problem.

    Is the problem liable to be a facebook problem or a problem on my computer.

    This from emsisoft Quarantine.

    ID   Object
    0    C:\Users\bill\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\#!001\MicrosoftEdge\Cache\W04TDUSY\index[1].htm  JS:Trojan.Cryxos.261 (B)


  2. [There is a "Repair Internet Explorer" fix that may help.]

    I ran that and no difference. Tried resetting it 3 or 4 times no difference But!

    Yesterday I had Internet explorer opened and there were so many adds on it that I downloaded Adblock Plus to get rid of them.

    It did not help Emsisoft but Eset is now working properly for the first time in 2 months. I put it down to the Adblock download but I suppose it could have been an update from Eset.

    So looks that you may well have been correct GT500 saying it might be an Internet Explorer problem.

  3. The only thing it could not fix was an  app for Edge.So not sure if that could cause the problem. probably doubtful.

    Now the Laptop came with McAfee installed and I downloaded the removal tool and that removed it completely even from the registry.

    Why I brought that up was I noticed a small icon from Intel on my screen,[ Must have been looking to see what intel does ] and the was a small Intel icon on the screen with what looked like an icon of Mcafee on it it and I think the wording on it was Intel partnered with McAfee.

    Googled it this morning and it comes up with this. https://www.mcafee.com/uk/partners.aspx

    I don't suppose intel could still have McAfee host file on it or something like that. Clutching at straws here but thought that I would mention it just in case.

  4. Also I googled this and of course as I am not very wise on the running of computers I would have to refrain from attempting to find the cause.

    I suppose the best plan would be to just leave it and update it with SSL switched off.

    My problem is it was my best line of defence in notifying me of bad web sites etc and and do not seem to get any warnings now. Maybe because of the lack of use. I don't know.

    Like you I think probably a router fault but they say no.

    ClassName = EIdSocketError
    Message   = Socket Error # 10054
    Connection reset by peer.
  5. Now that is the Question do I have all the windows updates installed. I would probably say no but Microsoft updates disagree. I run the updates and it says up to date.Is there a way to check. I ran the troubleshooter in control panel Windows Updates . And it changed a few things but still nothing to download. there are 5 updates on it from the 3rd of Feb and two were for Flash and removal tool.

    I think I downloaded them from the internet Cumulative Update for w10 Version 1607 (Kb3213968)- (KB2538243)- (KB2467173)

    I have Give me updates for other Microsoft products ticked. That seems to be that so not sure if fully updated or not.


  6. Did not think it would nothing showed when I tried to run the update. I tried it a few times and could see no reaction.

    As I can update it manually by disabling SSL temporarily I will not bother about the remote connection but do appreciate all the help given.

    Now i may have fixed my Eset problem as I followed a link to a few others that were having the SSL problem with Eset.

    It worked out that some of them had Adguard on their computers which was stopping SSL from working and they were told to run the latest beta version of Adguard as that sorted the problem.

    I have never used it before so downloaded it on Firefox add ons and there was no difference so downloaded the Beta version and could then use I/E and edge again..

    Unfortunately it did not help with Emsisoft update obviously helps with browser problems. That should give you something to think about why should that have worked when nothing else did.

  7. Ok reset the laptop once again doing a factory reset.. Downloaded Emsisoft Anti Malware again and the same problem it will not update with SSL enabled.

    No big deal i can disable SSL run the update then enable SSL again. Just wondered if there were any updates that might fix my problem.

    Now Eset was not installed at the time so we can rule out Eset being the cause. Just thought that I would mention that in case others have the same problem and have Eset installed and think that is what is causing the problem.

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