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  1. Had an idea that did not work. I had to download everything in safe mode including Emsisoft as normal mode would not work because of the Eset problem. So deleted Emsisoft and then downloaded it again in normal mode but have the same problem. So a fresh install so hope it does not make any difference to the outcome.
  2. Something new I have learned today.Never to old to learn I suppose. Thought that i would give it a go and try it.
  3. While waiting and if any Eset Smart security users on here could check this out for me. This is what I found. Web Access protection. Personal Firewall. Advanced. Zones and edit. DNS Server,fec0:0:0:fff::1,,fec0:0:0:fff::2,,fec0:0:0:fff::3, The problem is I don't know if that is there normal DNS or not. It looks suspect to me. Please remove this if it is inappropriate for the form. I did send it to Eset but never got an answer. It has been confirmed that those DNS Settings are ok. They are Genuine Norton Connectsafe DNS Servers. So that sorts ot that problem.
  4. GT500 Please ignore last Post Sent it from my desktop and not from the laptop concerned. Have had so many problems with the laptop that i mainly use the desktop now. Found out my main problem was with Eset.Smart Security, It seems it had a corrupt DNS address on it which stopped me using any Browsers. I have deleted Eset now and things are almost back to normal but still have the same problem with Emsisoft updates. I have sent you the proper file from the suspect Laptop. I have has to reset Laptop 3 times and Assume that Eset was my problem all along.
  5. I reinstalled the latest version Emsisoft on my laptop and it will not update.Software is out of date! I get the warning (could not connect to the update server, Please check your internet connection and proxy settings.} i don't have any proxy server as far as I know and have no problem connecting to the internet. Anyone know how to fix this warning. I have seen on another thread that you cant run Emsisoft and Eset on the same computer. I have been running both for years with no problems. Any help appreciated. Buteman
  6. Christian PetersSo sorry never knew that i had a reply it went into the junk folder for some reason and I never noticed it. I do use Winaso Optimiser occasionally so that is what it must be. I take it from your answer that it is ok to take it out of Quarantine and restore it. Ok did that and restored it many thanks for your help. Regards R Mckay
  7. Hi got this warning from Emsisoft yesterday and put it into Quarantine.but not sure if it is a false positive or not. Using W8.1 Pro if that helps. Emsisoft Anti-Malware v. © 2003-2014 Emsisoft - www.emsisoft.com ID Object 0 Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1580722724-1446465172-3395943805-1002\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLEREGISTRYTOOLS Setting.DisableRegistryTools (A) Any ideas whetherto delete it. keep it in Quarantine or reinstall it. Regards R Mckay
  8. Ok thanks for that.Did most of those things but left System Restore as there are only 2 restore points on it .One for the 8.1 update and another from one of my security programs if I remember right. I am going on the theory that it is a false positive so will not need to be removed. Secuna would not download properly as I do not have Java on my computer but ran the new software updater that comes with W8.1 and it found nothing. Never heard back from the Files I sent for examination about 8 days ago but as everything seems to be working ok now I will assume that it is clear. Thank you very much for your help it has been appreciated.
  9. Ok may or may not have fixed it. I tried this using cmd. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth Now for some reasont that cleaned up the computer and then running sfc /scannow it found no problems. I then ran Emsisoft and it showed the three normal problems and I sent them to the Whitelist. Rescanned picked up no problems.Ran sfc /scannow again and no problems there either. Now the only question is running those comands would they have deleted anything that i need or is there anything else you can think of that i need to do. I should also add i tried to remove Windows media Center in add remove which was succsessful but when i tried to install it again it would not install. Since running the cmd's I downloaded it again in add remove and it installed Ok.
  10. Ok whitelisted them and scan is almost finished and no problems found.Yes confirmed no problems found. Now the only problem I have now is that i had one stuck in quarntine that i could not return so have moved it to my computer. I assume this is the one that is giving me the corrupt file that cannot be repaired. is there any way of getting it back to where it belongs. It is of course called mcspad and it will not open to see what is actually in it.
  11. Ok will whitelist them to see if it makes any difference. I was just a bit worried when i right click the mcspad and choose to scan with Emisisoft it always comes up with the same problem.
  12. Files History is Turned off. No files saved it says. Emisoft keeps comming up with the same 3 file problems.Not sure how I stop them from appearing. I take it they should not be added to the whitelist as they are suspect.
  13. No luck with that I did try it before but without shutting eam down. Found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. I have noticed that Windows Media Center no longer works so assume that is where the problem is.
  14. Full scan Scan start: 23/10/2013 09:03:17 C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) C:\Windows\ehome\mcspad.exe detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) Now maybe my problem is that I quarantined one of those when I first had the problem and I cannot return it.it stays in quarantine. Will that give me the corrupt files problem when using sfc /scannow. Like I said not great on computers but let me know if there is anything else that i can try.
  15. Still being found by Emsisoft. Scan start: 23/10/2013 08:58:21 C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) Scan start: 23/10/2013 09:01:19 C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B)
  16. Same file 15 minutes later and emsisoft gives it the all clear. https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/file/9ce7c669c89750d2b7c895426b4289bd0feae71c3582c28eb73a66ca23456c6d/analysis/1382514022/
  17. Sorry cant find a way to submit them using Emsisoft logs. can you explain how it is done. Tried this. https://www.virustotal.com/en-gb/file/9ce7c669c89750d2b7c895426b4289bd0feae71c3582c28eb73a66ca23456c6d/analysis/1382512853/
  18. Still looking for the files to scan but got this pop up from emsisoft. The following Windows kernel files have been detected as infected. C:\Windows\.ehome\mcspad\.exe As these files are essential for Windows to work you cant delete or quarantine them.. etc etc
  19. Sorry but this was the only way I could think of showing them. C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) C:\Users\roy\mcspad.exe.dat.dat detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B) C:\Windows\ehome\mcspad.exe detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.24869 (B)
  20. Looks like I was exagerating a bit the problem started on the 17th of this month so has been ongoing for only 5 days.
  21. 3 problems this morning using Emsisoft on a Custum scan all of the same nature as before. I submitted the problem to Emsisoft about 4 days ago and still no answer from them.I pay for Emsisoft and not for Bitbefender.So I have to ask why it is taking so long for any action from them. I believe that I have submitted them all as false positives but will do a recheck and send them all again just to be sure. Not sure how to check my logs yet but I would imagine that I have been getting this problem for about 10 days at least. If you are sure that they are definitely false positives I will get on and try and fix my computer now.Just scanning and picking up the same problems svery day does not feel right, am I the only one that has this problem or is it something to do with the W8.1 update.
  22. Problem is since I quarantined them I could not restore them. Is this why I am getting so many corrupt files in FRSY.txt and Addition.txt. Ran sfc /scannow tonight and it also found corrupt files that it could not repair. What is my next best course of action on how to repair corrupt files. Thanks
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