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  1. Slammed by Security Tool

    Thanks so much, you are awesome!
  2. Slammed by Security Tool

    Ok done and I still haven't seen anything unusual yet since the first fixes.
  3. Slammed by Security Tool

    I didn't encounter anything odd while following your instructions, went as planned. Everything so far after the few reboots it did seems back to normal. I opened a few programs , went on the internet. I don't see anything strange at all so far for the past couple hours so here are the new logs. At the very least this gave me a chance to go in and back up all the data I wanted to keep, but everything seems great so far. Thanks a ton!
  4. First malware I have had in about 7 years that I have known about at least. I have a small home network with 4 pc's on this one desk alone and several others behind routers and have really never had any virus issues. I don't visit odd websites or click things I shouldn't. Anyhow this machine just popped up the Security Tool software one day and it's been worse and worse, shutting down services, hiding my desktop, endless popups about a million viruses I have ever time I try to open anything including Task Manager. I thought I would give this removal a shot just to save reinstalling the 30 programs I use on it. Thanks for any help. I did read the post step by step, didn't do anything in safe mode. If I rebooted my machine it's almost unusable unless I can control shift escape and end the random numbered process before it takes over!