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  1. $20 off uber referral code / coupon for 1st time canada users: kennethy1727ue #uber #mississauga #toronto #GTA #code

  2. @TangerineBank Definitely a step backwards. Slower, less features, caters to people with very specific monitors and generally harder to use.

  3. @PayperExnet cool concept, but how do you plan on marketing / getting people to use your platform?

  4. @BitScreener *any way

  5. From Task Manager after a clean boot, logged in a2service.exe *32 uses 0% cpu (99% for a few seconds prior), 00:00:13 CPU Time and 197,512K Memory Usage So far it looks like a2service is running fine, as long as I'm not doing anything.
  6. I ran a bunch of tests with a boot time benchmark (bootracer). Boot Time with... Emsisoft Completely Uninstalled: 79.921 seconds Mamutu* Installed: 97.984 seconds w/EAM Initial Boot: 216.234 seconds w/EAM Normal boot: 163.453 seconds w/EAM Tweak1 (not protecting PC with no user logged in): 149.328 seconds w/EAM Tweak1 with no guard on startup, no memory usage optimization: 145.781 seconds * Mamutu was not installed during any of the EAM tests. 360 Internet Security / Avast AV: 119.031 120.609 seconds So basically, EAM manages to be slower my system down nearly twice as much as a competitor's product (+83 seconds vs +40.688). Disabling 'pre-user logged in' protection only reduces this time by about 14 seconds. It's also +51.344 seconds vs the original Mamutu. Mamutu was/is definitely a superior product, not impacting your system as much as the competition while providing an almost equal level of protection (in my opinion). It's not just the boot time, I've also noticed Google Chrome lags whenever you open a new tab with EAM. It's little things like that, which I haven't independently measured, but noticed feels very noticably slower with EAM installed. But that belongs in separate threads. I'm happy to try any other tweaks you can suggest, however unconventional. I like the idea of a Behavioral blocker and it would be really nice to get back that performance.
  7. If it was only 12 seconds, I wouldn't mind Unfortunately it's much more significant than that. I suggest you try uninstalling EAM and OA and see what a difference it makes on your system, then reinstall it later. I think you'd be surprised to see how much it does. I was. I expect antiviruses to slow your system down, but not a modern system to a crawl. Emsisoft advertises "does not slow down the PC" right on the front page: Mamutu in my opinion is the best engine emsisoft has, and it really doesn't slow down your PC. Unfortunately there is no way to use mamutu anymore, as emsisoft is now forcing people to use EAM.
  8. Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit Other Operating Systems Tested: Windows 7 64-bit Problem: Windows Startup Time is greatly reduced by Emsisoft Anti-Malware (double to triple my regular startup time) Solutions Tried Removing Windows Defender Removing Microsoft Security Essentials Adding cache.000 dummy file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Signatures\BD extra keywords for search: boot up start up startup boot time power on windows 7 windows 8 64-bit x64 Details I've installed (and uninstalled) EAM (Emsisoft Anti-Malware) on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, and both times it increases my boot-up time by at least 30 seconds, and sometimes up to a minute. I've tried reinstalling both operating systems, each time, the system is far faster without EAM installed. On Windows 8, there is no security essentials, it's been replaced by Windows Defender. I've disabled Windows Defender, then proceeded to delete it so it would not run. I've disabled MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) from running on Windows 7. It does not help. I've also read creating a file called cache.000 in the Signatures/BD directory could help. The file was created by notepad, empty, and saved. I don't own a SSD, and still use a regular hard drive. I am sure it's EAM, because after I uninstall it, it's instantly faster. I have no other AVs installed. Like I said, the problem occured on a fresh windows install (aside from having Google Chrome installed, and Defender/MSE removed) Other Questions Is there a way I can have emsisoft anti-malware use only the behavioral blocker, and not slow my bootup time? Having the guard not run any of them on bootup doesn't seem to help.