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  1. Hi, Seems I have upgraded to windows 10 and cannot activate the firewall. Is it a known problem or is this version incompatibility?
  2. Hi, Attached the requested file after procedures indicated. Regards, Luis
  3. Hi ! I dont see the ZIP file ... Regards, Luis
  4. Hi, Enclose the zip file as per instructions. Thank you
  5. Once again thanks for the help, but unfortunately it does not seem to have worked. When it reinitialises it says that it canot delete the file. I run the cmd window as administrator and it says that the file is not there, but when I rerun the anti-malware it shows up in the objects detected (see PrtScn). Strange ... Best regards, Luis
  6. I ran the antimalware software and I cannot quarantine a pop40.ocx. I have read that this fileis common to various Windows applications. Is it possible that it is infected or is just a misread? I have Win 8.1 64bits. Best regards Luis