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  1. See attached screenshots. 2 separate vendor beta programs, "similar", if not identical, engines.
  2. I told you a couple months ago, when you took care of the Online Armor key, I'd give you a shout out! I will check the keys, and pm them to you this weekend. Glad you got the "atta boy" message.Hope Christian and Fabian follow this topic. They need to see that Customer Service is still KING! Customers become repeat customers when a great product and great service come together.
  3. A big thank you for that! P.S. The more I play with this beta, the more i like it. I've got several free keys for testing everything under the sun, but i seriously believe paying for this one is the way to go. I still have 4 or 5 unused AntiMalware keys I bought this past winter, from an Adguard promo, or vice versa, and will definitely use them up. only wish I could exchange them for the Internet Security version. Well done, ALL!
  4. Good thing I've saved a bunch of keys....( might have to ditch some other well known programs) this version is GREAT. haven't seen any big issues that were a problem. Great Job. A BIG shout out to EMSI'S THOMAS OTT, for taking care of a request I had with EMSI. Please see that he gets an atta boy. Well deserved.