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  1. Downloaded and ran the batch file (not in Admin),rebooted and its seems to have worked,at least the shield is green and it says I am protected, now to do the rest of my PC's. Now do I renew my licenses in a few days time?,well I have been using Emsisoft for 6 years,with no infections on any of my PC's,there was only a similar clinch a few years ago, when the files got too big for the program ?,and Emsisoft would not work,but they fixed that as well quickly,so I think i will continue to use them. regards Worgeordie
  2. I already have service pack 1 installed, so downloaded the microsoft security update ,as advised,but it said not applicable to your PC ?, now what, and did this just happen today ?, regards Worgeordie
  3. Try the fix did not work, while reinstalling,the Runtime error (at 32.1605) is reported saying Emsisoft is not signed ? also noted on HerdProtect scan. regards Worgeordie P.S. I am in Thailand
  4. Update, this has now occurred on another 3 of my PC's, they update then ask for restart,then fail,I am now afraid to check the others, HerdProtect scan reports Emsisoft not signed, also the icon brown shield with X says background guard. I need help with this urgently regards Worgeordie
  5. Today started the PC, Emsisoft updated then requested that it needed to restart to load the update, and thats when the problem occurred, a pop up appeared,saying A major problem has prevented the application from starting Emsisoft cannot connect to the service,please restart the computer and try again or contact support if the problem persists. I restarted the PC ,several times in fact,still Emsisoft would not start,clicking on the icon,would not open it at all, then some more pop ups, Emsisoft waiting for component (service)to start. So after many tries to solve the problem ,without success,i completely uninstalled Emsisoft, and downloaded a new copy, while installing another pop up, Runtime error (at31.1605) windows cannot verify the digital signature background for this file.... the icon in the tray is a brown shield with a X in middle. I hope you will be able to help me with this problem,I have 9 other PC s with Emsisoft and all updated today no problem, it Windows 7 ultimate,32bit. I have had to install Zemana Antimalware just to give me some protection till I can fix this problem. i have scanned with Hitman Pro, Herdprotect,and MalwareBytes all clean no viruses. Thank you Worgeordie
  6. Well I finally got it to update,not sure how but,much fiddling about,safemode,bluescreens, firewall on-off, many restarts, just hope now it continues to update, dont know why this particular laptop had a problem,when all my other computers ,update no problem. thanks, regards worgeordie
  7. Yes, I rebooted several times,plus I downloaded the new Emsisoft anti Malware from this site, so it must be 11.0.05958 ,right, but have not checked yet. regarrds Worgeordie, P.S. why only one PC ?, the other 9 no problem updating.
  8. I have several computers,all with Emsisoft anti malware,all work very well,except one,its laptop, Win7 Ultimate, 64bits, using windows firewall, I had not used it for 6 days,when I turned it on Emsisoft anti malware ,it would not update ,automatically or manual ,tried several times,it only managed 16-26%, then stopped and a message said cannot connect to servers, disabled firewall still not update, can connect to any site with browser. So I unistalled and downloaded a new copy,installed,but would not update either,i tried some of the other recommendations, like uncheck SSL in privacy settings, still not updating,please recommend a fix to this problem, my other PC's update no problem. regards worgeordie
  9. Uninstalled Avast ,reinstalled Emsisoft ,rebooted a couple of times and everything seems, back to normal, just hope it stays this way,will reinstall on my other computer when I see that Emsisoft is stable again. regards Worgeordie
  10. The problem is on this computer, no matter what Emsisoft icon i click ,nothing happens, cannot get to GUI to do anything ??? regards Worgeordie
  11. How am I supposed to do this when every Emsisoft icon i click will NOT open anything, so cannot get to GUI ?, regards Worgeordie
  12. This is not good, now another of my computers will not load Emsisoft, looks like I will have to go to Avast again,until they find a solution,as i don't want to do any workaround . regards Worgeordie
  13. Can anyone advise me if the problem of Emsisoft not been able to start,has been, fixed,NOT just a work around, as I would like to reinstall,this is only problem on one of my computers, Atom, 1,6 GHz, 2 GB mem Win 7 ultimate. I have had to install AVAST free and its working well, BUT would prefer to get Emsisoft back working good again , as I have paid for it. If its not fixed yet (not work around) how will we know when it is ?? regards Worgeordie
  14. I have had to remove Emsisoft completely for my computer, scanned with lots anti virus engines and they found no infections at all.my other 3 PC s with Emsisoft are working OK, but on this one I have had to install Avast free and it is working fine.will use this until I can get help with why Emsisoft will not work. regards Worgeordie
  15. Today one of my computers has a problem,when I start everything loads up OK, after a few minutes Windows 7 reported that Emsisoft was not working, then a pop up occurred on screen saying A major problem has prevented the application from starting The Anti Malware Guard cannot connect to the service application. Please reboot your PC and try again,or contact support. So I rebooted same problem, so I uninstalled ALL of Emsisoft and reinstalled from scratch, going through everything nothing found in the scan. after few minutes still has same problem It was working OK this morning, switched off, rebooted couple hours later have this problem. Its a Win 7 ultimate 32 bit, other security,windows firewall, Hitman Pro (scan only),WinPatrol Plus, Its like everything is frozen in Emsisoft ,click icon system tray,not work, same icon on desktop. Have installed no new programs lately Hope someone can help, in simple terms please, this pc I am posting from Ok will check my others. kind regards Worgeordie
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