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  1. Hi I add path, but now program can't open it. file:"DeleteFile:C:\Windows\system32\[email protected]@@k.dll" is it possible that I install Emsisoft without deleting it?
  2. Hi thank you But there is a problem. the file just contain "Delete file:" and the program show a error "Syntax eror in line 3,Missing file". Should I add virus address to the file? What Should I Do?
  3. Hi for installing emsisoft anti-malware I use emergency kit. it find some malware and when I want to delete them it work for other but for [email protected]@@k no and Emergency kit can't quarantine it. I have some games & I don't know if they cause it or no. is it a risky malware? is any way to remove it? can I install anti-malware without removeing it? I have important softwares and I don't want to reinstall my OS(windows 7-64 bit).